I need to loose weight



I finished my chemotherapy and radiotherapy a week ago, and I’m now on anastrozole and I desperately need to lose weight, I have tried healthy eating but nothing works. Would it be okay to do something like SlimFast this soon? Does anyone have any ideas.?

Hi. I found protein rich foods keep me fuller longer. So I eat more fish and eggs now. Your body needs to rebuild, not just from treatment but they also recommend during the menopause.My snacks are a few mixed nuts, dark choc, or dried fruit.(No cake or biscuits in the home).

I bought some resistance bands to keep me moving more, instead of sitting in the evening, do a few exercises - nothing too much, but start some new habits. 

I personally wouldn’t do slimfast. 

  • Try to drink more water. This keeps me fuller and more steps to the loo.
  • Exercise. You know you will feel and look fabulous when we set our mind to it. Don’t set a massive target, one you can achieve…could you loose one pound a week for 6 weeks? Then try to maintain this. Find an activity you enjoy, swimming, yoga ,zumba, belly dancing. 
  • Sleeping is key, if you are not sleeping well, you may not have the energy to exercise.

It’s not going to be easy. Can you buddy up with someone to encourage you? This helps to motivate me. 

I hope you are kind to yourself, good luck.

Hi Sue,

I put on weight during chemo…its the steroids that does it. I wouldnt do anything too drastic as your body has been through hell anf you do need time to recover. If you are eating a healthy diet you could try cutting your carbs down and increasing your physical activity (if you can, depending on your fatigue level). Its also worth having your thyroid checked as a friend of mine developed hypothyroidism as a consequence of her bc treatment. 

Losing weight is a more complex and more protracted process than gaining weight. I realized this from personal experience because I gained much weight during the quarantine. Still, the quarantine was over, but the extra weight remained, and no matter what I did, I could not lose weight. Eventually, I started going to the gym, eating balanced meals three times a day, and drinking water. I already had visible results but did not stop there and wanted to gain muscle mass with natural supplements behemothlabz.com. I have achieved a perfect shape and am doing everything possible to keep it.

I am currently taking Anastrazole. I could lose weight by eating healthy, but just could not lose the last 10 pounds. Talked to my nutrition advisor and she recommended raising my protein intake and watching the carbs. It worked for me and helped with the fatigue. She did not recommend a low carb or fad diet, just healthy carbs and staying away from high carb starches. (I don’t eat potatoes, corn, carrots often). There are some great choices for LoCarb breads now. I drink a protein shake once a day. I use to eat 45 grams of Protein, now my intake including the shake is 60-65. I dropped 15 pounds in two months on this type of eating. This was more than my goal of 10. I do use a treadmill 30 minutes 5 times a week. Hope this info that helped me, helps you.