I need to loose weight

How can I loose weight

My hubby and I used a combination of a sugar free and low carb diet with under 1000 calories a day and we walked our 10,000 steps per day.
We did this when he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015 and still eat lowish carb diet, very little rice and pasta not much bread only a small amount of rye bread. Sounds hard but we eat meat, cheese eggs and loads of different veg. When we were very low calorie we ate a lot of veg stir fry with prawn or small amounts of meat. Used one cal spray to start it off then added 5 spice and water if you have loads of fresh ginger and garlic it makes a really tasty meal.
You will find the first week hard but after that it’s fine and you stop craving the stodgy stuff.
The 8 hour diet works too. Only eat during an 8 hour period and fast for the other 16 that’s easier. Some kind of exercise is key with any diet. If nothing else it gives you something to do that distracts from food ?.
Good luck, you will feel so much better. We’ve largely kept our weight off for 3 years now. I lost 2 stone hubby 3