I need to talk it out anxiety

About 1,5months ago I noticed my right areola was creased on the lower left side, so it wasn’t a normal round shape, compared with my left one. I’m honestly not sure which areola has changed, I just know they look different! I do have very small breasts anyway, but the left one will be a cup size bigger (maybe a bit bigger recently, hard to tell), and this has the rounded areola.

I was due on my period, so rightly or not I thought ‘see how it goes’. Over this time I’ve regularly checked both beasts (to the point of obsession at times). Sometimes they both look the same, sometimes the right is more creased (I can easily ‘pull’ it down and it looks ok), if I’m cold and my nipples are erect; they both look identical and ‘normal’ - it only seems to be when it is soft and flat it looks odd. I can’t feel any lumps - there might be something that could be a ?milk duct, but it feels the same in my left beast.

My doctor has referred me to the clinic and my appointment is Monday, he couldn’t feel anything either, but said it was better to get it checked that leave it.

My anxiety is sky high, I feel sick and can’t concentrate, doesn’t help that I care for my husband and my best friends husband died last week due to bowel cancer. I’m a mess.

Thanks for reading, didnt think it would be so long. Hopefully writing it down has helped my brain.

Chippet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xx



Hello and welcome to the forum where you will get loads of support from the wonderful ladies on here.


You absolutely did the right thing in seeing your GP as any possible change in the breast should be checked out for your own peace of mind which is why they have referred you to the breast clinic. 


It is a horrible time waiting especially when the anxiety monster takes over your rational mind, on top of that you are the carer for your husband.


Sending you a pair of our tough pants which we send to ladies to help them get through, the pockets are deep so that we can all get in there to support you.


Let us know how you get on Monday.


Helena xxx





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Haha. Thankyou.
I just can’t have anything wrong with me, you know. I don’t know what we’d do. I know inevitably I will have something wrong eventually, I’m just scared to let everyone down.

It’s so difficult when you are depended on so much.

My husband had Leukaemia (diagnosed in 2011 at 23) and the treatment left him in a wheelchair. We’ve lived so much of our relationship with cancer already (6 out of 9 years!).

Dear Chippet,


Helena is right, you are not letting anyone down. Sometimes life is very unfair and everything seems to happen at once. My diagnosis was three months after my mum’s diagnosis for Alzheimer’s. I live several hundred miles away from her and am an only child so it was a bit of a nightmare. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to travel and oversee her care during treatment but I did. Out the other side now and life is good.


If, and at this moment it is still very much a big IF, it is cancer then you will receive the best possible treatment and will get through it. Treatments today for BC have some of the best outcomes available. But hopefully none of this will be needed in your situation.


The amateur psychologist in me thinks that after the difficult years you and your husband have faced together that you might be overanalysing everything and worrying unnecessarily but you did the right thing by going to see your GP. I do hope that everything turns out well for you and please let us know how you get on. IF the worst does come to the worst you will get lots of support here from a fab community of people and will not be alone.


Sending you positive vibes.

Ruth xx



Everything was fine, as my GP thought.

The consultant had a good feel of both breasts and couldn’t feel any abnormalities to investigate further, so signed me off. I to keep an eye on it, but thinks it’s just ‘one of those things’.

Thanks for reading.

I dodged a bullet yesterday. It turns out that I have thrombophlebitis. In other words…cording. I wasn’t aware that I could develop this so long after the op. My thoughts are with you ladies that you can get through this and look forward to a long and happy life. Thank you for your support during my recent struggle.