I thought treatment would have started by now

Hi everyone, after finding a lump in December, I was referred to the breast clinic and had 2 biopsies. I was diagnosed with grade 2 ER/PR+ with axillary node matestases on 12 January.

Since then I’ve had a CT scan and MRI, good news was that it’s not spread to other organs. MRI showed that I have 2 further small lessions in same breast as my main lump. I now need a second look ultrasound and maybe further biopsies.

Over a month since my diagnosis and I feel like I’m in limbo, what’s going to happen to me, when will I start treatment, what will my treatment be?

I know it’s better not to Google everything, but the waiting is so hard!

I don’t know if this is possible or if you’ve even thought about what kind of surgery you want but if you’re inclined towards a mastectomy would that speed up the process for you? Then they could just figure out what those lumps are in pathology. I’m in the US but once I decided on a double mastectomy they scheduled the surgery for me immediately with no further tests. They knew everything would come out in pathology so no need to figure it out beforehand. 

@Me-ld  Has your breast care team (surgeon/nurse) scheduled a date for your second look ultrasound & to speak to your surgeon after the MRI? If not perhaps speak to your BCN to find out. 

Just sharing this in case it helps… I was in a somewhat similar situation to you, with a single G2 IDC, ER/PR+ (no node involvement) lesion diagnosis from a mammogram/ultrasound in December; An MRI was done due to density of tissue, that uncovered a further 1-2mm lesion further away from the original in the same breast. So a second look ultrasound was performed in January with a biopsy. At the time of doing the second biopsy I was advised that if the radiologist was unable to take an ultrasound guided biopsy of it due to small size & visibility they would then need to consider a MRI guided biopsy & said this is only available at certain hospitals and hence there is an associated delay. This second ultrasound biopsy came back positive; as I wasn’t prepared for a mastectomy or the decisions around reconstruction at the time of receiving the result (I had focused on the 2 lumpectomies my surgeon had mentioned) I went for a second opinion to help me make a decision on surgery/reconstruction. My mastectomy is now scheduled for 2 weeks time. It hasn’t been the most straight-forward/quickest path, but I’m glad I took the time required to understand what I needed to & make the decision that’s right for me. 

One of the first things my BCN said was not to google for information, and I have followed that throughout my journey so far and am glad I did so (I only use this site, macmillan and cancer research uk for information). One other point my surgeon mentioned was that an MRI can open up a can of worms sometimes by detecting false positives. In my case he said they did a second look ultrasound+biopsy because they always try to perform breast conserving surgery where it’s possible.

The questions you have about treatment are all reasonable & ones I had & still have to some extent for post surgery treatment. I’d suggest speaking to your BCN / surgeon to find out what they are recommending based on findings so far.

Sending you hugs xx

Oh yes the waiting is hard.  I had to have three different types of biopsy and the wait was unbearable but it’s best to try to be patient in order that you get the best most suitable treatment for you.

I also never Google.  I use only trusted responsible websites like this one.

I did lots of yoga during this waiting time and watched more Netflix.  All the very best to you.

I have a date for my surgery! Going in on 16 March. 

After telling me he couldn’t save the breast and I’d need a mastectomy, the surgeon changed his mind which was a little concerning! The nurses tell me he’s an excellent surgeon though.

I’m going to have breast conserving surgery with axillary clearance.

I’m feeling ready and thankful that I’m finally starting the journey to recovery. These last few days have definitely been traumatic for my family though.

Thanks for your replies, I am sticking to reliable sources for Googling I promise


l was diagnosed in January with grade 3 invasive ductal cancer the node in the left axila also evidence of breast cancer at the breast clinic I was told I would be having a operation within a month then had follow up appointment at my local hospital to see my surgeon who then Decided to do more scans to make sure it hadn’t spread I had to wait a further 2 weeks for results thankfully it hasn’t spread I am now booked to have a mastectomy and a axilla node clearance on the 23 March . It’s been a rollercoaster , I have been told that I will have treatment after the operation but I also have not been told what treatment I will be having or when 

Hi I completely understand your limbo state. I found a lump in Dec 22, after biopsy and ultrasound they informed me it was not cancer and looked benign. After results they informed me it was in fact cancer and a grade 2 IDC of around 37mm. Then after that they booked in mammogram and bloods for genetic screening being the first in my family. Followed by that an MRI with dye to check for any changes before what they said would be a lumpectomy. When I had my follow up appointment only last Tuesday I was told it was bigger 56mm and showed swelling in the lymph which they was not sure was from biopsy or metastasis and that due to size I would need a mastectomy. It’s March and I’m now waiting on yet another biopsy and US in my axilla and an appointment for reconstruction. Following this they hope to do surgery in May. 6months later 

I’m on tamoxifen and have been since my fertility decision as mine is oestrogen fed. I’m 35 and I’m terrified