I’ve had a breast Indentation for 2 years

 2 years ago I found an indentation in my right breast. I went for ultrasound and mammogram and both were negative. I went back to the breast surgeon who said she had seen tethering and this was not it. I worried still and went back a year later to have another mammogram and ultrasound and it showed up with scattered benign calcifications. I was told to follow up with any changes. I’ve been worried about it because to be honest I’ve felt pretty crummy the past year or so and every time I get in the shower I see the dent. All day yesterday I had itchiness in that same breast and this happens on and off a lot. It’s not red or dimpled like orange peel skin so I don’t think it’s IBC. I’ve had itchiness since I found the dent so I know IBC progresses fairly quick so after 2 years it would be no mistaking it if it were.

So I went to get in the shower last night and decided to check the dent and normally I would have had to raise my arm high, but this time i barely hold my arm up and it’s there and looks tethered and bigger than normal. I called the breast oncologist that I saw before and they have me scheduled to go in Friday at 8:45. I have a friend who is a radiologist and he looked at both mammograms today and saw nothing abnormal while I stood over his shoulder. This should have made me relieved, but sad to say, it didn’t.

I’m so worried because it’s been 2 years and the thought that it’s been there this long and probably has spread is enough to make me crazy. Has anyone had an indentation that they were told was nothing but turned out to be breast cancer? I’ve read stories about women whose cancers never showed up ok mammogram for some reason. I’m worried sick!

Have you had an ultrasound or ductogram? I have small intraductal mass (not sure what it is yet) that wasn’t seen on a mammogram or ultrasound, but the ultrasound showed dilation, so they did a ductogram and saw it there.