I want to help my sister

my sister has been troubled with a large breast swelling for over 12 months and yesterday I got to see it for the first time I so want her to go to the doctors to have her look at this but my sister is so afraid (she has had bad experience of post surgery in the past) she is firm that she will not go to the docs but I know the worry is killing her she does not want to be told its breast cancer can anyone help me persude her to go and be examined she is very strong willed - I do not want to lose her!!!

Tell her I went…it was breast cancer… yes it was a hard road to walk but that was 14 years ago… I since married and had 2 lovely children Tell her from me PLEASE go as not knowing is worse…worry will eat everyone up and there is life after breast cancer …DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION …please sister go…we are all here to hold your hands…both of you!!! xxxxxx

Dear Weemee,
J is right. Doing nothing is not an option.
9 times out of 10 a breast lump is NOT cancer.
If it is cancer, the earlier it is diagnosed, the less surgery required.
If your sister’s lump is not cancer you can all breathe a sigh of relief and get on with your lives without this hanging over you.
If it is, it needs to be treated.
Good luck and be strong.
K x

bumping to give support to weeme xx

dear weemee show her this site …the wonderful ladies on here have all felt that utter fear of wondering then knowing they have bc your sister may not have it but even if she does it will be dealt with medically and she will get complete support on here … i feel for you because i think you are suffering more as you have no control at all and that must be so frustrating i hope she gets checked and all is ok and if not we are here for you both x

There’s a little sign up in the clinic where I go, which says:

Hope for the best until you know the worst
And then there’s always hope!

Lots of love to you both xx

Dear weemee, please urge your sister to go and get checked out. I agree with the previous comments but want to add…could you go with her, take even 2 people if there is another person who she would feel comfortable with attending her appointment…saftey in numbers!! Then maybe she wouldn’t feel quite so alone and afraid.
Not knowing is a scarier place to be.
Hugs to bth of you
Suze xxx

Thank you all for your kind words of support I will keep at it and try my best to get her to go I know she is worried sick but more afraid of surgery if the inevitable is to be as the last time she underwent a major op we nearly lost her and its that more than the though of losing a breast that is the BIG obsticle in getting to get her to go she just keeps saying if it cancer it will have to take me I am not going under the knife again!!!