I want to pay for a mammogram

I was diagnosed with DCIS following a routine mammogram last January. When I was told I needed surgery, I immediately said I would pay (self fund, I am not in BUPA) to avoid a wait. I was told there was no need as my surgery would be carried out very quickly - which it was, and I received excellent care on the NHS. However, I was not told about waiting time for results in the future. I am in a support group, and one of the members who had a mastectomy just over a year ago, had to wait 3 weeks for the results of her first post surgery mammograms, which I think is apalling. So I have said I will pay for my mammograms in order to get same day results. But I am being told that now I am in the NHS “system” this will not be possible, and I have to wait for results. Other members of my support group who had private treatment get their results the same day, at the same breast imaging facility and the same hospital where I am under the NHS.

Has anyone else paid for private mammograms following NHS surgery? if so, how did they go about it?

Hi Tommo!

I have paid for private mammograms once, although this wasn’t after surgery. I just phoned my nearest private hospital and said what I wanted and they gave me an appt at their womens clinic, and I think they cost about £80. They give you the films to keep and take away with you. I don’t think its true that if you are in the NHS system that you can’t have anything done privately - you can have what you want if you are prepared to pay for it. All the surgeons and oncs have private lists as well as NHS ones. If they really won’t let you do it, try a different hospital - perhaps one on the BUPA website list.

Thanks Redders. I am glad you agree I should be able to pay even though I had the surgery on NHS. Whoever heard of a hospital refusing money??? I am coming to the conclusion that my Breast Care Nurse, who is absolutely wonderful by the way, has not come across this before, and doesn’t know quite what to do. I have a routine appointment with the surgeon soon, and so I will push for private mammograms as they are not due until February. Thanks again for confirming my thoughts.

Just wanted to chip in - of course you can - if thats what you want how can they stop you?! its such nonsense and its part of the whole confusion about the mixing of NHS and private services,

I had a private MRI earlier this year and waited far far longer for the results than for my NHS mammogram, so it doesn’t always work out well. My oncologist knew that I was anxious and got his secretary to ring me with the mammogram results.