I would like to connect with recently diagnosed people in North London!

Hi, I have been diagnosed with breastcancer a couple of months ago, I have support from friends, partner and family, but I do feel pretty isolated and terrified a lot of the time, and I feel my partner can’t fully relate to what I am going through. I am at the stage where I am discussing further treartment, I am a borderline case for chemotherapy, and am having another 2 week wait until I will find out if that’s what I’ll have (everything has taken really long from diagnosis til now, which isn’t helping my anxiety). I was wondering if anyone feels the same and if anyone knows of any groups in North London, I am in Crouch End, or if anyone in North London fancies meeting for a coffee or walk and chat… x Steffi

Hi steffi

i too am at the waiting stage and borderline chemo depending on the results of an oncotype dx test  I was diagnosed on the 18 th feb and had lumpectomy on the 26th. Since then it seems to be endless waiting even though I know things are going on to determine my treatment plan. (Should know for sure on Friday) it can feel like your isolated at times even though friends and family are giving support and I’ve found it really helpful talking to others on this site going through the same battle. Its such a shame you’ve waited so long and hopefully somebody on here will be in your area (I’m in Liverpool ) to maybe meet up and chat with you. Wishing you best wishes going forward and always here xxx