Ibandronate/Letrozole which first

Hi Ladies


I have been given Ibandronate and Letrozole to be taken 2-3 weeks following my last chemo cycle (which was last Friday) has anyone else been prescribed these?

I’m just trying to work out which one to take in week 2 and which one to take in week 3, I don’t want to take them both at the exact same time as I won’t know what side effect is from what tab. I’m interested if anyone else had the same conundrum and what you decided and why. My chemo team said it didn’t matter and to start them both together but I’m a bit more hesitant.


Joemic x 

Hi, I started Letrozole a month before it was discovered I had secondaries and was then put on Ibrance , so not the same as you. The SE for Letrozole are very well known, but according to my Onco they take 6 weeks to kick in…so I’m thinking it’s not going to matter re timing as you can’t wait that long before taking the other drug, can you? I did read carefully the list of SEs on both my drugs so that I was prepared , in part, for what could happen. ( lost the will to live at the length of the lists!!!) I checked with my Onco as to what SEs presented most often, and he was happy to discuss this to set my mind at rest. As usual though, we are unique so what happens to us is all different. I took both my tablets together at first but that made me feel a bit woozy and sickly, so now I take Letrozole at night and get through the sweats, and Palbociclib in the morning. It works for me. I did have some joint pains which I’ve managed to overcome by taking up Tai chi, swimming and body stretch. Motoring on after two years. Unfortunately, Joemic, it’s a bit trial and error to see what suits your body. Hopefully someone will be along who is on your regime, but I hope I’ve helped a little. Good luck. ?