Ibandronic acid/bondorat

Hi all. Im a stage3 triple negative. I have had lumpectomy and nodes check which I am grateful it hadnt spread to. Chemo fec-t and about to start 4 weeks of rads on 15th Oct. Has anyones onc prescribed ibandronic acid/bondorat to prevent re-occurance. I can find little on this as it seems to be mainly prescribed for secondaries. ??

I take ibandronic acid for the purpose of reducing the risk of bone recurrence. It was prescribed ‘off plan’ by my onc. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Hi there


I had started to research into this a little, as also TNBC and was aware that there has been some investigation into bisphosphonates reducing reoccurance of breast cancer for Post Menopausal woman .


However my body decided to gift me a surprise period so I did not follow this up as this treatment is not likley to beneift me.


Some of the links on this I found informative and might be of some use for others looking into this also.