Ibandronic Acid

Since being diagnosed,our local chemist has only been able to supply 14 days of Bondronat at a time, and having to wait 8-10 days for the remainder. Has anybody else got the same problem getting a regular supply.I am concerned because we want to go on a long haul holiday for 4 months.

Hi Demelza
There has been posting recently about problems getting Ibandronic tablets - seems the manufacturer is selling them to Europe for a higher price… Advice has been to get pharmacist to order them direct from the manufacturer rather than through supplier. So far I’ve been ok with Coop pharmacy nearby whereas other chemists have not had supplied readily available - can you try other chemists?

Hope you get what you need - and enjoy your long break!

Frances is right - you need to get the chemist to go straight to Roche. I now get a 2 month prescription and the pharmacist orders the next lot as soon as I collect the current lot. I use Lloyds and they have been excellent. Good luck. finty x

Yes, I’ve also had this problem with Bondronat, but our local Cohen’s Chemist now rings Roche directly, and receives my prescription within a couple of days. Hope everyone else is managing to get theirs delivered! xx

Ive been getting my Ibandrinics from my local Boots chemist for the last 4 years,the staff there just srug and say they dont have any,they havent had any for a couple of months,and theyre not in the least bit interested in doing anything to help

If you have any problem getting Ibandronic Acid, ask your pharmacist to contact Roche direct. If they refuse take your prescription elsewhere. I also get mine from my local boots and they couldn’t have been nicer. I put my prescription in and they can fill it in full within three days every time.

Hi ozzie
Can’t believe how badly you’ve been treated at your local pharmacy – do please complain (for yourself and for others receiving their rubbish service). I’d be surprised if the company felt this was good retail practice . . . x

Hi Ozzie
I’m also disgusted with your treatment by the pharmacy - these drugs are essential for our well being - don’t they realise? Definitely worth a word!
Hi Demelza - it’s odd you only get half a pack at a time. I know others on here have had problems but I hadn’t heard of a pack being split before. I must say I’ve been very lucky in this and have never had to wait - only when it’s been my fault and even then the local chemist went all out to get my tablets quickly. I now get 2 months at a time after my GP altered my initial repeat prescription. I hope, if you shop around or speak to your chemist as the others have suggested you do get the right supply at the right time. Have a fantastic trip - wow 4 months!

My GP has always given me a 2 month prescription - and pharmacy are not organised for this - would not want to be bothering with this monthly so if you are you could talk to GP about having 2 months.

Thankyou all for your useful comments. I asked the pharmacist to
phone the manufacturer and I got 2 months supply within 3 days!

Frances, it’s not the manufacturers that are causing shortages, its pharmacies, wholesalers and some NHS Hospitals. There is a massive problem of these organisations buying drugs (including bondronat and Femera), at an NHS negotiated rate, and then selling them abroad for large profits (see link to article below).

Hi Demelza

I have had a bit of trouble getting Bondronat 50mg a couple of times due to shortages but happily its only been a delay of 1-2 days.
The Co-op chemist orders it direct from the manufacturer now.
I have always got 2 months supply per prescription.

Last time I was in the chemist, the pharmacist told me about a much higher dose Bondronat which could be taken just once a month instead of daily and encouraged me to ask my Doctor if this would be OK. I haven’t pursued this as I don’t want to change anything at present but I wondered if anyone else had come across this and what their Oncs might have said?
It would certainly be easier than the daily dose regime, but would once monthly be as effective I wonder?

Hi all – Judith, I think the pharmacist might have been referring to the 150mg dose of ibandronic acid, marketed by Roche as “Bonviva”, which is taken once a month. But it’s not for BC bone mets – it’s prescribed to reduce the impact and effects of osteoporosis for women after the menopause. So . . . it’s a much lower dose than we “bone metties” need, as we take 50mg per day! A monthly tablet for us would have to be pretty big :wink: . . . . xx

Hi Marilf - thank you! I did think it rather strange but when he mentioned it I didn’t feel like going into the ins and outs of my condition in the busy chemist queue. Anyway - I can forget about it.
Thanks, Thoraxx