iBC diagnosis

Hi thank you to all the inspirational ladies who have come through IBC I have just been diagnosed with IBC on left breast 6 weeks after I had a grade 3 invasive tumour removed from my right side. As all other threads have discussed I had swelling, pain discomfort and nipple change on left and was persistent to get docs to listen to me as I kept being told I had a mammogram 8 weeks ago everything should be fine.i started chemo last wed on the same day as diagnosis (already scheduled for right side) . It has helped me mentally over the past week knowing that it’s in there doing its job. I don’t want to get too excited too soon but I do feel there has been a slight reduction in swelling and not as painful! I have a CT scan in a few weeks to see if it has spread so I’m in a scary place at the minute. Having read all these stories it gives me hope that there is life after IBC. I have a lot of living to do (37 y.o) with my husband and two sons (8 &11) . Thank you for sharing your stories.

HI lottie. I am really sorry to hear your news. That must be such a shock having just gone through treatment already. I really hope your scans come back clear. If you want to talk or are on facebook and are interested in joining a very active IBC support group, drop me a private message and I will send you the details.

If you let me know how to send pm as I’m new to this forum and unfamiliar with it. I would like to join FB page and speak to others.

Hi there i have just been diagnosed with IBC in my left breast ,i had my CATscan and MRI yesterday

and get my results to see if its spread on the 17th ,ive already been told i will have chemo first them a Masectomy then radiotherapy im trying to hold it alltogether but deep down im terrified as i know this is going to be a very tough fight .x

Keep going Colby I’m right in your shoes but I’m on chemo having had all the tests. It was very very tough but the lump is going down now and I’m feeling better. Do message me if you need to.

Hi, is the group your referring to the one that Caroline admins? Just checking there isn’t another one I could be part of xx