ibc ladies

hi there everyone, just thought i would start a new thread, anybody got any holidays planned for 2012, i am going to egypt in feb and dubui in nov cant wait for that.

Hi Lollypop59

Your hols sound wonderful!I’ve always fancied going to Egypt. Mine won’t be as far flung or exotic as yours. Dartmoor in Devon in August and London in October. Sounds boring compared to yours!! Will be something to aim for tho as I start weekly vinorelbine with herceptin next week. Have got spread to the head of my pancreas (rare apparently) but no symtoms. Better to have treatment while I’m fit and well and I understand it’s a ‘kind chemo’. I walk several miles a day and also have started jogging, together with a large garden and a cottage to renovate It’s very inconvinent to say the least!!! My friend and her husband who go on hols with us has just gone thro a double mastectomy and recon after recurrance after five years and may start chemo in a month or so. We’ll both deserve a couple of hols me thinks.

Did you manage to get travel insurance ok? I fancy a trip abroad next year, possibly to visit relations in France.

Bet you are having fun shopping for holiday gear, although a bit out of season for summer stuff.

Happy shopping


hi fudgeincornwall,
no ive seen a couple on the internet that some of the girls on here have mentioned so i will look into that, we have not booked yet, got to have a ct scan first 31st jan for a nodule they found three months ago that i at to have due to a reccurance so hopefully its ok. anyway goodluck with your new treatment. x x

How do you go on with travel insurance I have IBC have completed 6 courses of chemo and had mastectomy but now starting radiotherapy I love to holiday abroad and have not been able to do so since being diagnosed in July but hope to get away this year after I finish the rads but not sure about insurance.

I have just had 2 weeks in Morocco, at the end of my radiotherapy treatment, partly to rest but also to celebrate the end of active treatment, I was told not to sunbathe and keep covered up but we enjoyed the break so it was well worth it, we have family over there so go regularly hoping to go again before easter.

hi marybrim,
i have not been long haul since my dx only spain to my step daughters villa last july but there are a few ladies on here have mention a few sites for insurance if you have had breast cancer so i will look into that.

when i went to spain i used insure and go for my insurance.

Do the insurance companies just not insure you for the breast cancer - I think that is what the BC nurse told me - they will cover you for everything else - my onc advised to wait until last minute to book as that way the cancer was not likely to cause any problems which would make us have to cancel and it was unlikely I would have problems relating to the cancer while I was on holiday.

hi marybrim,
yes i think tha t is the best was we have not booked yet i have got a appointment with my onc next week and also a ct scan on the 31st so we will book after then providing everything is ok .

best wishes to you x