IBC? Scared and need advice

About a month ago I felt some tenderness and slight pain deep inside my right breast. After about 2 weeks, I had some pains in my arm pit on the same side. My breast also looks slightly bigger, though it is normal colour.
Today the upper part of my right arm looks a little swollen underneath. Blocked lymph nodes? The pain in the breast and arm pits has died down a little. I have a breast clinic appointment for Tuesday, wondering if its safe to wait 5 days or whether I should go back to the GP tomorrow.
Cant feel any lumps anywhere.
I’ve had a couple of tiny little red flat tender spots as well, one on the breast and one on the arm. Both have gone away within a couple of days.
Please reply - am scared and need opinions.
Kat x

Hi Kat

Just seen your post, so sorry noone replied, I blame the new forum set up, posts get missed easily now I’m afraid. The support on here was always good, shame. But anyway, suppose you’ve been to the breast clinic two days ago as you mentioned Tuesday. What was the outcome of this? When my IBC was diagnosed i had no pain (except some in my arm, but I never connected this to breast cancer pre diagnosis), the GP and I didn’t feel a lump but the surgeon in the breast clinic felt the lump alright.

I hope you’re alright,

Love and hugs 3N3 xx