IBC surgery ?????

Hi :slight_smile:

I havnt been on here a while but have a question going round my head , so I have inflammatory breast cancer I’ve finished chemo and my op is next Tuesday (mastectomy and node clearance) my question is this

I responded well to chemo but not fully so there is a teeeeeny but still left behind my milk ducts but my breast is also really quite red, the thickness has gone down but the area as a whole is the same (not huge but not tiny)
Has anyone else still had the ‘red rash’ there when they underwent surgery and been ok? I’m so so scared they’re going to miss some of the rash and il wake up and a little bit still be there it’s panicking me so much

Any comments would be fab thanks so much xxxx

Hi Kirsty. Sorry to see you here, but welcome. I can’t answer your question but I would say have faith in your surgeon. Tell him, and your BCN what you are worried about and I am sure they will reassure you. Keep us updated and good luck. Kx

Hi Kirsty

Just wondered how your surgery went?  I have IBC, have just finished 6 rounds of chemo and am goinig to hve surgery in a few weeks.  Did you have a skin graft?  My cancer is covering the whole of my breast ( I had BC in 2016 and had lumpectomy and total node clearance and it has come back in the same breast)

Yours is the only post I have found so far that mentions srugery for IBC.

Any advice or tips you can give me would be appreciated.