IBC symptoms?

Hi, I never thought I’d be writing here but I need some help or advice. 


Thursday night I got a shower but noticed my left breast on the left side of my nipple was a red, warm to the touch mark. The next day it got bigger so went to GP who said Mastitis and prescribed Fluxomoxicillin. However, when googling I don’t have any typical factors for mastitis. I’m 26, non smoker and no piercing. The redness has not spread further but has turned into a dark purple bruise with a lump/swelling underneath. I’m 4 days in to antibiotics. 


Does this sound like potential IBC? I know no one should visit Dr Google but I have a 6yr old that I couldn’t bare to lose and I’m panicking. Please help me. 

Hi freokos,

Why not just see how the antibiotics go, then go back to your GP if you’re still concerned.

IBC is very rare & for any breast change, there is normally a perfectly innocent explanation for it.

If you do go back to your GP, then do ask for a referral to the breast clinic as they are the only ones who can get to the bottom of it for you.

The important thing about google is that it has prompted you to get it sorted out, but other than that it can also generate a whole load of unnecessary anxiety, so it’s generally best avoided. There is also the helpline here if you want to talk it through.

ann x