IBC worries

Thanks for taking time to read this …
In August I had a very small lump in breast behind nipple, boob was sore…hurt laying down, hugging…went Dr who referred to breast clinic. Went saw Dr who basically said it was due to incomplete menopause, I’m 53 this year and closed case. He didn’t do any scan, mammogram etc.
Then by end of September lump twice the size, and area around nipple on one side red, went back Dr who referred to another hospital. They did FNA and woman said pretty sure it cyst but would refer for scan etc after Xmas. Then had letter called in for scan, by this time redness spreading. Went they did scan and mammogram and another FNA with bigger needle, waiting results but now i also have what looks like a mosquito bite on top on nipple!! Keep going from its IBC to nothing but of course every twinge makes me worry further!
Sorry for long thread!

Hi Scouser - have you had your results yet -very scary for you - hope you gets some answers soon .??

Hi, thanks for replying. Went yesterday said it’s an infection, which is great and now got antibiotics…got to go back next week so hoping it will all be sorted. I asked them out right if it could be IBC he said no but then said it would have showed up on the mammogram too…I mentioned that I had read that it doesn’t but he dismissed it and also said it would the redness would have spread all over. I need to focus on the fact that the biopsy was clear!! Thanks so much for your concern ??x

Good news re biopsy - but if it doesn’t settle go back and don’t be fobbed off .

Will.do and thank you. ?