I have been advised to post on here by KES. I have a friend via our little support group, who has been diagnosed with IBC, she finished her initial treatment (chemo, mastectomy, radiation) last November. She has now been told (as she had a rash appear on her chest) that they did not get rid of all the cancer the 1st time round. She has had scans etc and has been told that the cancer has not spread - than goodness. She is quite a young lady with 2 samll boys and she is running scared right now as she say all she wants to be able to do, is look after her children and grow with them. I have had BC myself (TNEG) and am 4 yrs down the line this month. I would like to be able to give her some hope and wondered if there is anyone here who has been in remission for quite a number of years, that could maybe talk to her and give her some hope.


Thank you for reading.


ps: I have been told to tell her about the helpline number and facebook groups.

Hi janesi I tried to message you but says your enable now hope your ok x