Ibrance and breast cancer

This is my first posting . I have had breast cancer , Hodgkin lymophoma and liver met 2013 . After a double mastectomy catching the c dif bug and having my lower bowel removed as well I’ve just been diognosed with breast cancer again . My oncologist tells me I now have to live with it and take a new drug ibrance. I am 52 yrs and not started yet could any one give me any advice as I feel very alone and nervous to take a new drug. What can I expect in the first few months . Thank you for reading my post not sure where to turn st the moment x


I have just bumped up a thread about Ibrance - you will see you’re not the only lady on it. It is now being given as a first line secondary BC treatment where mets have spread or progressed, or just been diagnosed - as long as you are HEr2- and hormone positive, although this is currently being funded by the drug company rather than being offered directly on the NHS. Hopefully reading this thread will help answer some questions, if not the ladies on the treatment should be able to help.

Nicky X 

Hi Bab, welcome to the forum, you have been hit with a lot to take on board so give yourself time because once you start on a treatment you do feel more in control.

Ibrance is quite new to UK but in U.S. and many other countries now it has been in use for some time and any side effects are well documented. The U.S. website, Inspire has many threads and is often very successful. In UK it doesn’t yet have NICE approval and many patients aren’t eligible (don’t get me started on that!) so take heart, there is a good chance it will work for you!

I have been on a trial of Ibrance for 18 months now, a little different because I’m on 2 kinase inhibitors, not with a hormonal as is usual. I have had great success on the trial and am still on the maximum dose of 125 mgs. I have had side effects but my bloods have always been good.

Wishing you lots of luck and don’t feel alone, Ibrance is here to stay!

Thank you so much for your replies I will do some research and look at the American websites x