Ibrance & Letrozole

Hi Ladies, I’m new to the group and would like to know your experience on Ibrance & Letrozole?


I’ve been on Ibrance (Palbociclib) and Letrozole since last December.  I have Secondary Breast Cancer in the Bones. On the whole I have found it to be a very manageable treatment plan.  With Ibrance I started off on the highest dose of 125mg but after two cycles I went on the 100mg dose and for the past few cycles, I am on  the lowest dose of 75mg.  Every month you are required to have a blood test and from the beginning even until my last cycle (treatment) I have low neutrophils as the Ibrance affects your white blood count (WBC). Most hospitals expect a count of at least 1 to enable the cycle to happen and for me, it is a struggle to reach that ?.  Since my Primary diagnosis and treatment over 15 years’ ago, I have been left with low energy levels and probably have undiagnosed Chronic Fatigue so it might just be me (some women work full time through taking Ibrance and Letrozole) but I do have days where I sleep for hours.

Very best wishes to you and my advice would be to go for it, jump in and see how your own personal journey with these tablets goes.