Ibrance. Please any advice

On 1st cycle. Have a dreadful skin rash spots and weals. Will it settle. Seen BCN today and shes not sure about it as its a new drug. Im on 125. Hopes it will settle down. No other side effscts though xx

Hi Weemee!


Has anyone answered your question? How are you making out on the Ibrance? Are you still taking it? I will be starting soon and am nervous about the side effects. Anything you could share about your experience would be so greatly appreciated!!


Hope you are doing well! xx



Hi lori. The ibrance is tolerable vive had no nause or any ither upset apart from a rash. My bloods are ok too. I only get tired on week three but i fee ii an tolerating it better. Just crap that wee need it but hoping it works. Going for first follow up ct scan. I hope you are well on this drug thinkingnof you xx