ice gloves


Have had 1st tax, but have read somewhere that to save nails ice gloves can be used which you wear whilst they give you the chemo. Has anyone heard of this or know where you get them. I have always had awful nails but for some weird reason 3 x FEC has produced the longest nails I have ever had in my life… I’m not sure whether its the drugs or maybe I’m just a lazy cow now and get everyone else to do housework. No it must be the drugs.



Hi Bugnut!

I’m in France and having Taxotere. I believe ice mitts were invented in France - they certainly seem to be standard issue over here, if you want them. My hospital will even put them on your feet if you ask!

I was a bit worried about them, as I have Raynaud’s syndrome, but they are quite bearable, they normally get changed once duting a treatment, so you’d two pairs for your hands alone. I’ve had 3 Taxotere out of 6 and so far no problems with my nails (apart from painful nailbeds), although I have also painted them with the darkest nail polish I can find to protect them from damage from sunlight (which can also occur to your skin when on Taxotere, I believe).

Perhaps your hospital has only a few pairs and therefore rations them to people who know about about them and therefore ask…?



Hello Bugnut & Bahons

I’ve worn ice gloves since first chemo and have now had 4 of 8.

My nails were really strong, I’ve kept them painted with a silicone type clear varnish as well as dark nail polish.

Since my 4th treatment some nails are now beginning to split, and the splits are quite a way down the nail although so far I have managed to use a file and clippers to trim off any jagged bits. Apart from this the nails are still quite strong so hopefully the gloves have worked.

Also since my 4th chemo I’ve found my fingers and toes are tingling, but numb (I know that doesn’t make sense) all the time and so far, after 2 weeks, this still hasn’t gone. It is a weird feeling.

Good luck