iDC and DCIS just diagnosed so overwhelmed


I am at odds on what to do, I am having lumpectomy, the whole area is about 1.5 cm, radiation scares me and then the hormones for 5 years are just the icing on the cake. I’m almost 67 years old, sure I don’t want to die, but it seems as though the next year of my life won’t be very enjoyable. Has anyone on this forum just said no to any other treatments after the lumpectomy.  

Hi suzzflwr

just read your post-  I am 69 (70 next week) and I was diagnosed with same as you in November and had lumpectomy December 10th. It was a shock and a lot to take in but tumour removed and clear margins and no cancer in lymph node ER positive . Am just about to go ahead with radiotherapy 14th March. I read all the Information and leaflets  (there were a lot!) from cover to cover and decided to go ahead with everything that was suggested to me. I also am concerned with side effects of treatment plus am dreading the tamoxifen sides effects! I thought my hot flushes and insomnia  were a thing of the past but will tolerate them if if means a chance of the cancer not coming back. Just take things a day at a time don’t think too far ahead and you will cope with what is to come .

good luck 


It really isn’t scary and you do need to give it your best shot . So don’t say no to these marvellous treatments 

I’m 47 and after my lumpectomy have not done any other treatment. I was diagnosed in Jan with IDC and DCIS, stage 1, grade 1 with an Oncotype score of 16. I am having an oophorectomy and hysterectomy instead of taking the Tamoxifen. My oncologist said I would be given the standard dose of 20mg, when I asked about lower doses. I have always reacted strongly to meds when given a standard dose. I decided to speak with my GYN to see his recommendations. Since I had done fertility treatments in my late 20’s and had hyperstimulated. I read that was a possibility with Tamoxifen while my doctor didn’t seem to think that was necessarily a side effect he did say I was at a higher risk of ovarian cancer bc of the hyperstimulation. He verified with my oncologist that oophorectomy was an acceptable option for me instead of taking the Tamoxifen. 

I hope you make the best decision for you. It’s definitely hard, when researching there is just so much information out there and it can be overwhelming.