IDC Grade 1

Hello sweet sharers,

Am looking for anyone with experience of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 1 please! I have been going for Family History mammograms for 15 years and  I was diagnosed on 10th September this year  (1cm, right breast) and I had an elective double mastectomy last Tuesday (family history persuaded me) and I know I go back for the sentinel node results in 2 weeks but am not sure what to expect or what happens after that… The consultant has made general noises around being optimistic that the node will be clear but what are the chances of it not being? Wil I need Tamoxifen anyway? I want to be optimistic and get myself through recovery (bi-lateral implant reconstruction with strattice) but also I want to be a bit prepared for any bad news.

If anyone could share their experiences (good or bad) with me I would be so grateful.


Ruth x

Hi Ruth,


I had Ductal Invasive, I was dx last October, but mine was grade 3. I had mx (no recon) and they did my SNB at same time.


With me, they took me to Nuclear Medicine and I had a small piece of radioactive material injected into the surface tissue of my boob. Whilst under the anaesthetic for mx, they then injected blue dye into my lump. This drained into 3 of my lymph nodes, so they removed them too. As you have already had your mx I don’t know where they will inject the blue dye though.


As my tumour was 3cm and grade 3, I did have one node affected. It would seem quite likely that as yours was 1cm and grade 1, it might not have gone into your nodes at all. I do know ladies with larger tumours and a higher grade than yours that didn’t have any nodes affected, so hopefully your consultant is right. 


Sending gentle hugs and best wishes

poemsgalore xx