Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer in June (Left breast, 1 lump 16mm, grade 3, ER/PR+ 8/8 HER2-) . I have dense breast tissue so they did an MRI after the ultrasound and found another lump slightly smaller but the same type. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal 10 days ago and had the results yesterday which showed no lymph or vascular involvement… so far yay. But there was an area of DCIS found which they hadn’t picked up on any of the scans and they found it in the margins of the tissues they cut out. So they want to re-operate and scrape some more away. And if there is still some detected during the pathology tests they will suggest a 3rd surgery to do a mastectomy. And all this comes with a 14 day self isolation each time before and after.

Has anyone else had this? I’m concerned that they aren’t going to get it all as they don’t even know where it is and therefore how do they know it isn’t in both breasts if it isn’t showing up on any scans? I’m leaning towards mastectomy but am i overreacting? I have to talk to my nurse again obviously but just thought one of you kind ladies might have experienced something similar. 

Thanks in advance,

Jo xxx

Hi Jo 

I am still waiting for my results but I am already thinking that I will go for double mastectomy… I wouldnt say you are overreacting… thinking about all options and deciding whats best is realy tough… I have lump in right and calcification in left…I don’t know if I will be able to go through treatment and possibility that in years it might come back… I feel silly to already thinking about this but that’s what turning in my head… I hope you find some comfort in sharing your story here… I definately do… good luck x