IDC with associate DCIS

Diagnosed just over 2 weeks ago…5mm IDC on uss which was the approx size on MRI. WLE/rad mentioned at initial diag appt but I’m seeing surgeon/Having pre op assessment next wk following MDT. I’m weighing up the pros and cons of wle vs mastectomy and Its not easy. I do think if I have a mastectomy I may have less future anxiety altho that’s not guaranteed. I’m not thinking about recon as I want to keep things simple.
I’m only b sized at the minute and I will lose my nipple anyway with wle + boob will be smaller. I’m left side so I’m conscious of radiotherapy risks also. It may be that I don’t get a choice.
I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this pros and cons process and I realise it’s a personal thing.
Anyone out there who has had wle for similar, any experiences feedback would be appreciated.
Feenix Xx

Hi Feenix, my IDC and DCIS were removed by WLE this year. I actually had three ops before clear margins were achieved. My tumour was a bit over 2.3cm + the DCIS. I wasn’t offered a mastectomy, but when I queried why not the consultant assured me it was just as safe to have a WLE. I told him I wasn’t concerned about appearance and to take as much as was needed. I have quite large breasts, and I also did not have my nipple removed.  I am mostly fine, but do have the occasional wobble about having had a WLE rather than a mastectomy, and whether that will prove to have been the best option for me.  In terms of having the WLE, my breast is slightly smaller than the other, and the nipple is very slightly off to the side, but under clothes with a bra on there is no visible difference. The operations were straightforward, day surgery in each case, and the recovery quick.  Hope this information helps, please feel free to ask if you would like more detail. Kindest thoughts to you just now - a hard time, but it will definitely get better xx.

Hi Feenix, it’s good you are looking at the options and deciding what you feel is best for you. If I had been given the choice I think I might have chosen a mastectomy, but I don’t know for sure.  I haven’t started radiotherapy yet, but really hope it will be soon.  I hope you are feeling as OK as possible. Huge hugs to you x.

I too have IDC grade3 with 2 site but am also HER2 positive
I am due to have a mastectomy on the 15th of this month. I am very likely to need Chemo and possible radiotherapy . I am very positive but would be grateful to chat to anyone in a similar situation .Pennylynne

Hi Pennylynne. I was diagnosed grade 2 Idc, er+ and her2+ on 29th august last year. I had neo adjuvent chemotherapy so chemo before surgery. This was so that i could have herceptin for the her2 but also the new drug pertuzemab/Perjeta which is also for her2. I had 6 chemo which finished on the 24th Jan and had my masectomy on 19th Feb. I had a tissue expander implant which is now full - 50mls of fluidxwas injected each week til it was full at 500mls. Injections are completely painless. In 6 to 12 months the tissue expander will be taken out and an implant put in.

My new boob is very good with hardly any scar. My surgeon did an excellent jo.b

Chemo is tough but doable! I had a complete pathological response to chemo and there was no cancer left. Thank you God!

I now have herceptin injections every 3 weeks and i take letrozole daily. I am doing well and returning to my job as a teacher for a couple of days in July nefore we break up for the Summer Hols.

I hope thos helps a little but if you have any questions please mesage me or j7st ask xx