Ideas on effective treatments for dizziness whilst undergoing FEC chemo for breast cancer?

Can anyone share if they’ve had success with any particular meds or ways of alleviating dizziness whilst undergoing FEC chemo? Please share your ideas, my mum is suffering quite badly from dizziness and a feeling as though her head will explode with a feeling of blood pumping either side of her neck. She has completed FEC number 1/6 and dizziness was day 6,7,8 & now day 12 post infusion. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks ladies.

Do you know what her blood pressure is? I felt this yesterday morning and most of tho day but i know my blood pressure and knew it was low even before I checked it. It was only 99 / 60. It is a side effect of chemo and i plan on checking with my oncologist next time I see her to see if there is anything to stabilise it. Definitely drinking is recommended and perhaps up intake of salt. I have been known to eat three packets of salted crisps and a can of full fat coke to get mine up. Still of course it might not be her blood pressure so would be good to check it. My first Fec was four days ago x