If I ruled the world...? Any suggestions?

What is top of YOUR wish-list?

(I have a l-o-n-g list)


Two weeks all inclusive free holiday in the carribean post treatment would be mandatory recuperation for anybody with a bc dx.

What’s yours alex?

Make it compulsory for everyone to Shave all their Body Hair Off for 6 months of their life !!! lol… xxx

Sorry couldn’t resist it !!!

Wish list Number one - a one-stop diagnostic clinic: mammogram, fine needle aspiration, core-biopsy, … a full diagnosis. Does it happen anywhere? Are there countries who do this fast-track? The most aggravating part of this disease (any cancer) is the l…o…n…g drawn out time between initial suspicion to final diagnosis. Don’t the powers-that-be KNOW how they screw with patients’ minds?

I also have more frivolous wishes: One - drivers who do not signal which way they are going; two - cyclists who do not signal which way they are going; three - cyclists who do not give ANY advance warning of their intentions - something simple, like ringing a bell or a hand signal would be SO wonderful.

I have further aggravations in mind, but, hey… I don’t want to spoil your thunder!

Vickie, in Germany after active treatment for many diseases or major surgeries, you get rehabilitation. Usually a four week residential with counselling, treatments like physio, massages, nutrition, any follow up medical care you may need. These residentials are in clinics with medical staff and situated in “Spa Towns”. If you don’t want to leave your kids you can bring them and they will be tutored and looked after during your appointments.
Re the one stop clinics, I attended one offering FNA, mammo, and US but none of the results were conclusive and the pathology from the core biopsies done a couple of days later took another 48 hours so overall it took 10 days to diagnose. X

I’m off to Germany. So what if they tutor my sons in a language they don’t understand??? Mummys getting pampered!

Alex re one stop diagnostic clinic, I had mammogram, fine needle aspiration, core-biopsy, ultrasound scan, consultant poking about all in one morning at Derby hospital. They said they were ‘very suspicious’ but I had to go back 4 dyas later for the results of the core-biopsy.

Can we also make it illegal for bicycles to be sold without lights on? No car manufacturer would produce a model without lights and cyclists who have no lights always cycle in the dark wearing dark clothing.

Tors, I’m joining you in Germany. Counselling in German might be fun

I would like to know what happens re - diagnosis in other countries.
Does any other country offer a fast-track diagnosis?

Whoops! I’m RULING the world! I would like regular 'phone calls from all my friends and family.

I would like supermarkets to price each item rather put some random price on the shelf, which may, or may not, be correct!

Dear me, I’m sounding a real moaning Minnie!

I have a few frivolous wishes too
1, Biscuit packets that you could actually get into grr
2.Milk cartons that didnt plop all over the place everytime you pick them up.
3. Umbrellas that stay up in the wind !!
4. Oh and Remote controls for WOMEN only ahhh
I could go on lol

Anyway re the one stop clinics, i went to a one stop clinic (NHS)and had my mammos/ultrasounds/ FNAs/Core Biopsys done in a 4 hr appointment on the same day then was told to wait in the waiting room for 45 mins , i was then called in to see the consultant and breast care nurse and was told i had grade 3 breast cancer, had my surgery 5 days later, so luckily was very quick for me.

All the best to you all
Linda x

Lindiloo - where was this clinic? Brilliant service/example. Shows it CAN be done.

Oh, do stop moaning, Alex!

I had exam, mammogram, ultrasound, core needle biopsy and got told that yes they thought it was cancer so met my bcn and had some counselling at initial appt. Had to return 6 days later for results of grading and treatment plan but had already been told it was chemo as well as surgery and rads. Surgery 2 weeks later, chemo started 3 weeks after that.

As for cyclists I would like them to make up their minds whether they are road users or not. It really winds me up to go slow behind them up to traffic lights, only for them to ignore red lights by going on the pavements when I have to stop!

HI Alex,
Im at the Mermaid Center ,Treliske in Cornwall , when i was first DX i thought that all the Clinics were like this and was quite shocked to read some of the other ladies expierences re results times , i certainly think that all clincs should be one stop clinics to help stop all the awfull worrying with the waiting. Haveing said that although im glad it happened that way for me ,it all happened so fast and was a lot for me to take in at the time , especialy with the op 5 days later , like most people i felt well and healthy when i walked in (but had a lump) so my life was turned upside down in a matter of hours.
I do think that haveing to wait for results is horrendous though.

Linda x

love your ideas girls and would love to join the lovely Vickie in Germany though hear she is a bit of a nightmare to be with !!!

For me, if I could rule the world this shitty disease would not even exist, would not take people’s lives and turn them upside down and would never take the people we care about from us.

but hey that is a bit too emotional so let’s just go for biscuits we can unwrap easily and be thankful that wine comes with a screw top now days as the corkscrew was always elusive.

K x

How very dare you


only going on what others have told me. You really have to sort out the next meet and I want to be there. Haven’t met you but know you are a totally mad,crazy but lovely lady !!

K x

To Germany for rehab sounds great, think I could cope with that :slight_smile:

I’d definitely try to get rid of cancer but if that were not possible then I’d make sure that treatment was 100% effective and the side effects would be healthy hair, skin and nails plus the body shape we’ve always wanted!!

My mum recovered from bowel cancer in her 40’s with a four week rehab and she said it made all the difference to her recovery. Most doctors&nurses over there speak perfect English so no need to worry about language barriers, although local sense of humour may need some getting used to! However, I think the UK is a great place to live and the people are wonderful. In Germany you are not allowed to wash your car on your drive or put the washing out at the weekend, and you have to get up very early to reserve a deckchair at the poolside on holiday…

Am on the next plane to Germany…

Mines would be…to go to Applecross, Wester Ross, Scotland…after treatment live there for 6mths all by myself(with vino stocked up)…and just sit and listen to the silence…BLISS…wish I was there now…and come back rejuvenated…

just out of the city for a while…take my wee car and do all the lovely walks…sit in the wee pub in the village.listening to the birds,the sea, walk barefooted along the clean,wispy, sandy beaches, secluded from it all…


Here goes:
Road tax would be paid by all cyclists (and horse-riders too). If you want full rights of the road, pay for it like car owners do.

Pensioners should not be allowed to drive, or make GP appointments, before 10:00. I’m often stuck behind some old dodderer at 08:50, running late for work, to see them then turn into the supermarket…

Like the sound of the German scheme but how about moving it somewhere sunny, beside a beach?

Hogwarts would invent a potion compulsory for all non-cancer adults which would make them loose all hair, including lashes and brows, for 1 week every year.

Politicians would have to drink another Hogwart’s potion which made their heads spin round and round every time they lied.

I’d better stop now. As to the one-stop clinic, had mammo, needle, and core-biopsy. Pathologist there on the night to look at live sample. Told by a complete tube that as that was negative, coming back for the full Path result was “a mere formality”. Have refused to see him ever since.

Make it compulsory for men to pee sitting down so they don’t spray the general area ready for the women to mop up!