Has anyone had an IGAP reconstruction? I might be having my uncomfortable, twitchy implants replaced with tissue from my buttocks later this year. Or rather, one side would be done this year and the other next because apparently they can’t do both at the same time.

If you’ve had it done, are you happy with the results both cosmetically and comfort-wise? And how was the surgery and recovery regarding pain, movement restriction, fatigue? Very curious as I’ve not yet spoken to anyone who has had this op.

Many thanks

Hello Jellyfish,

I had an IGAP in January this year and, recovery wise, it was much quicker and less painful than the DIEP I’d had done 2 years ago. 7 months on, I am very pleased with the results but it has taken those 7 months to settle down and I was a bit shocked when I first saw it. I think it takes longer than a DIEP to soften and settle down because the buttock tissue is not as soft as tummy tissue to start with.

The scar from the IGAP runs from the side of my thigh right under my buttock and you can hardly see it now - also, there is no visible difference between my buttocks, thank goodness!! Mind you, you’re having both done aren’t you?

The op was about 5 hours long and afterwards I had to keep my leg completely straight for at least 2 weeks so as not to pull on the wound. I was in hospital for a week - and the flap was checked every 15 minutes for the first 24 hours to make sure the new blood supply was still working and then whenever my blood pressure etc was done.

It was quite tricky going to the loo and I had to wee like a man - it would be a great party trick, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that one any time soon!!

Painwise, I can’t say it was particularly painful, and my recon now is not painful at all, just the odd shortlived nerve pain and I would definitely do it again if I had to. I was very tired after the op and needed to rest a lot - also you can’t drive for 6 weeks.

I’m going back for my next and hopefully last op at the end of September to plump up the IGAP recon with some liposuctioned fat from my DIEP recon and to also slightly reduce my DIEP recon to match my IGAP recon.

I’m now very happy with the result and am very glad I had it done - just remember it takes a while to settle, so don’t think what you first see when you wake up with is what you’ll end up later - I love mine now.

Where are you having it done?

If you have any specific questions, please fire away!

Best wishes,

Sally x


Be interested to hear where SallyLou had her IGAP.

Why have you got twitchy implants? Implants do not twicth but muscles do and that can be addressed in a couple of ways.

Have you had the dreaded LD flop?


Hi Dahlia,

I had both my recons done in Norwich.

Sally x

That figures - where else would you get a good job done otherwise???

Hi, thanks for answering.

I had skin-sparing mastectomies with immediate recon using under-the-muscle implants. The problem is that any movement that involves the chest muscle results in a very noticeable jumping, dragging, twitching and raising of the implant on that side. I know many people do have some muscle twitching, but unfortunately on me it is very dramatic even through quite loose-fitting clothing. The slightest movement of my arm and the implant on that side is all over the place. My original surgeon said that everyone’s anatomy is different and there was little that could be done about it.

Aside from that, the right implant has refused to stay in position despite several attempts to reposition it, and is gradually making its way down my ribcage. It’s reached the point where the tattooed nipple is now not where it should be in the centre of the breast, but rather on top of the breast!

If the IGAP goes ahead, it will be in Norwich with Elaine Sassoon.

Thanks again.


Indeed!!! I moved to London after my first recon and when I decided to go ahead with the second, went straight back Norwich to see Elaine! I trust her completely.

Sally xx