Hi Ladies
I finished my treatment for bc in september of last year, on Tamoxifen for 5 years, Had the usual paranoia over evry little niggle , A couple of months ago was experiencing intermittant headaches and mentioned to doctor at open access , she put my mind at rest, whilst having a headache one day I massaged my head/neck and felt a lump on the back of my neck , put it down to muscle spasm, tension etc, anyway mentioned it to dr tgis morning at appointment for prescription and hes not happy with it and trying to arrange emergency scan as im due to go on holiday on saturday !!
Now im in total shock/panic … its at the back of my neck so I really wasnt alarmed just a bit niggled by it if it had been at the front I would have had checked asap , I really wish I had put my head in the sand a bit longer had my holiday and face it when I was back , im so scared I feel sick, The only thing im trying to convince myself is it could be a harmless fatty lump anything else is too frightening to contemplate at the moment
I just wanted to sound off really/vent my frustration at myself for not doing something sooner I feel so bl**dy stupid now, bit I honestly thought it was muscle/tension !!
Please ladies ignore nothing , I will updat once I know more myself , im still going on holiday !!


Hi Lottie - easier said than done I know, but try not to worry - it may be nothing more than a cyst - I’ve had a couple on the back of my neck and also your doctor might just being extra cautious given your history.
Let us know if you get the emergency scan appointment but if you don’t before you go on holiday try and forget about it - hopefully nothing would change or get worse in a couple of weeks!
Jan x

Thanks Lottie - I have a niggly wheez and am going to force my GP to do a blood test as onc says my lungs were clear but i am worried. I serioulsy hope yours is nothing more than a cyst…let us know how you get on…

Hi Mandyp , just been to Doc last Thursday with wheezie chest. Seems to have started in last couple of months and I wondered if rad treatment was cause. Anyway failed the lung function test so GP said “would a chest X-ray reassure you?”. Well I said I might as well have one if she thought I should, although the thought of more radiation going through me was a concern but told it is minute compared to what I have had!.Had chest X-ray Friday and seeing GP in a couple of weeks ( no rush then I thought?) .
GP thinks it is probably linked to rad treatment but needed too research it!! My concern is the tumour was 35 mms and near my chest wall so it was near my lungs. Silly nagging thought though is it more sinister.It was a primary so told it had not spread but still worrying, also everyone is concerned as I am sounding breathless and wheezie. Never had hay fever or asthma, never smoked
So get yourself off to the Doc ASAP.
Lottie 63 hope it is ok for you. At least your GP did not hang about!! Katy.

Hi Lottie
Remember me from coffee morning with Barb? You are a truly wonderful lady.
So sorry you are going through this right now. Rant away you are entitled to.
I had a scare about a month ago when I found a lump on other breast. It turned out to be a cyst but I had a week of pure terror!

I think your GP is being ultra cautious in view of your history. I wouldn’t have worried too much either if it was at the back of my neck. Hopefully that appointment will come through before your holiday so you can be reassured. Wishing you all the very best Lottie. Let us know when your appointmant is.
Lots of love
Jackie xxxxxx

Thank you so much for you support ladies Hi Jackie ( Waving ) hope your doing better now x well been to hospital and had ultra sound and x ray , they are pretty certain its a lipoma, fatty lump, dr said shows no sign of being cancerous no blood vessells etc and wants to see me in 8 weeks to see if grown at all , I cried with relief !!
so I shall go on holiday and wait and see what next appointment brings , im sure if they were in the slightest but suspicious they would want to see me much quicker than that, my GP has been a star and I phoned and thanked him for putting the wheels in motion so quickly for me , mandyp its so horrible all tghese niggles and worries but go and get checked out again , saves all the woory and headaches , Kiwijan thank you for your message of support, what is it with lumps with us bc ladies have we not been through enough already !!!
Thanks again one and all
Janice xx

Hey lottie…I have had a lump on the back of my neck for about 18 yrs…that’s when I noticed it anyway…had it checked out and dr said it was a gland…Phew…glad your lump turned out to be nothing but we can’t be too careful can we???..anyway…have a great hol…apple.

Hey Lottie - so glad you were able to get sorted so quickly!
Now go enjoy your holiday - you deserve it!
Lozza xx