Ill Health Retirement

Hi there, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and reconstruction then chemo and radio. Now getting 4 weekly implants and 6 monthly intravenous bone strengthening drugs. I need to have a sleep in the afternoon every day. Has anyone applied for ill health retirement based on this and been successful? I’m 52. Also its been established that I need further breast surgery and I have a hernia where my tummy scar is. I dont feel physically or emotionally able to go back to work. Any advice?

Hi Po,  When were you diagnosed?  It is a year since my diagnosis and I finished treatment (surgery, chemo, rads) in November although I will still have bisphosphonate infusions too. I only began to feel able to start exercising and back to any kind of normality at the end of January. I am due to return to work after Easter, but not full time. I have looked into I’ll health retirement but it would restrict what you could do in the future if you feel well enough. Another alternative might be to ask your employer for a settlement, which is based on your salary and years of service. It allows you to leave with an agreed reference for future employment. Kx