I'm 27 and I've found a lump - please help/advise

HI sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m new here.
Basically whilst i was in the shower, I found a lump in my left breast an inch above my nipple…it was a little over 3 weeks ago and didn’t really think anything of it. I have endometriosis and I’m a little lumpy anyway lol. I just figured it was my hormones and forgot about. 1 week ago I was in the shower and noticed it again. I had an appointment at the doctors last Friday to get my pill so thought I’d best mention it as it hadn’t disappeared. He said he could definitely feel the lump, it felt benign and move able which is a good sign. He said he believed it was a fibroaedenoma and if it doesn’t disappear in another 3 weeks then i am to be referred to a specialist. Could someone tell me what to expect If this happensite please? Also I get that I’m under 30 and the chance of this lump being something sinister is very unlikely but is 6 weeks not a long time to wait? are these the nhs guidelines as im under 30? Another 3 weeks takes me to mid september, I’m not sure how quickly I will be referred but I’m going to London for my hen do 3rd week of September and I’m having an operation on my eye the week after. Do I push to be referred before or do I wait until November.

Sorry for all the questions and for writing war and peace ?

P.s I Googled moveable when I got home and this lump doesn’t feel moveable to me. It feels like gristle that you’d find in meat if that makes any sense at all ???

Anxiously anticipating a response

Hi Jet,

Mostly these things turn out not to be bc & in someone of your age it would be rare. It is most likely what your dr says it is, but inevitably, it is an anxious time when you find something like this, but you have done exactly the right thing in getting it checked out.

If it’s still there in 3 weeks, then your dr should refer you to the breast clinic under the 2 week rule, which is standard practice, so do request this if necessary as only the clinic will get to the bottom of it. 

If you are referred, then you should get an appointment within 2 weeks. You will see a dr at the clinic who will do an examination & most likely, an ultrasound & hopefully, you should get the answer then if it’s clear what it is. If it’s not clear what it is then a mammogram or biopsy maybe performed, if a biopsy is required, there is a further wait of a week or 2 for the results, but it is highly unlikely it will come to that. It does not necessarily mean it us bc, if a biopsy is done. 

It’s best to avoid google, as it can only create a whole load of anxiety which doesn’t change anything, use the main bcc site here if you need any info.

Do let us know how you get on

ann x

Thanks for your comments Jet
A few weeks would not make a difference, but obviously you’ll want to get it sorted.
Yes, google is a wonderful thing, but the problem
is, general googling of breast symptoms always leads to bc, which can be a bit scary when mostly it’s not.
The main site here is great for info, as having been there myself it’s informative without being scary!
ann x

Thanks Jet
Another rule here ‘please don’t think you’re wasting anyones time!’
So see what your gp says & get referred if in any doubt.
take care
ann x