im 30 with breast cancer

im 30 with breast cancer

im 30 with breast cancer hi id just like to join you guys for somesupport …

I am a 30 year old pilot i was told i had breast cancer last year april o5
and im her2…
i have had chemo, radio and now herception…

i have a nine month old son and a lovely wife…

look forward to chatting and sharing experience’s as im very worried…

Hi Paul Hi Paul

I’m not surprised that you are worried!! How are you feeling now? What about work? How did your family and friends react to this news? How can we help you here?

I have spoken with one other young man (32) who was also diagnosed and they think that his cancer may have been caused by being exposed to heavy doses of radiation for a childhood cancer. He is fine and getting on well now.

Please get back to us and don’t be feeling isolated. There is much help and support available here.

I hope also that you have the “Men and Breast Cancer” resource that is available for you to order or to read online.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Hi Paul Thank you for posting on the site and I am sure you will get loads of support and information from other users in a similar situation.

By the way the publication Bill mentions is on this website at

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Paul Hi Paul - I would like to say welcome - but its not a welcome any of us
wish to hear. But you are welcome and if you want any information or have any questions regarding your breast cancer journey - all you need to do is ask.
This is a good site for information and the people who use this site can be very helpful.

all the best to you and yours

David W

Thankyou for your your replies i have been to london today for some heart tests as they say the herception has been affecting my heart!!

I may stop herception after 11 treatments…

Thanks for all your kind replies ill be back in touch soon…

just need to get my head around some issues,.


Hi Paul I was diagnosed last year too at 37 and have have had Chemo, Radio and now Herceptin ( 7th dose last week).
This site has given me a lot of valuable information and the Men and Breast Cancer Booklet was good to be given also because as you know most literature focuses on women.
If there is anything I can help you with or any question I can answer then please let me know?

Stay positive!

Stuart W

Hi Paul,
There is little I can add that the other guys haven’t already - but needless to say I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You say you are a pilot - is that commercial or Services? the only reason I ask is because I am in the RAF and if you need someone to talk to it may be easier through the RAF network.

Keep your chin up and remember that this is a survivable condition. We will all help as much or as little as you need, no pressure.

All the best to you and your family.

Brian Place