Im a man awaiting results my sister had breast cancer

Hi all

im a 59 year old bloke with one moob 3 times the size of the other one and a lump the size of a small finger in it.the nipple bleeds sometimes

& the size of my boob is growing slowly every month

ive been 2 different breast clinics (because i moved areas)

ive had 2 mammograms over 6 months an ultrasound , 

at both clinics they said the mammograms and ultrasound showed nothing and not to worry 

but I said its been bleeding all this time so they agreed to do 3 punch hole biopsies


Im still awaiting results its been a week so far,


my query is? Is a mammogram,ultrasound & biopsies the be all and end all of looking for breast cancer

if they say all clear ? Is that it ? They are definitely right and I havent got it? And all is left is to do nothing?


The trouble is that now my sister has only just told me that she at 48 had breast cancer and had the breast removed 4 years ago??

I wish she had told me earlier so I could of told the doctors when they ask any family history?

Her reply was that she didnt want to worry me ?? Er?


Also my 27 year old daughter also had a benign lump that was left in situ 2 years ago

Additionally, her grandad had breast cancer at 78 and they removed his breast


So basically there is a history of breast cancer on both sides is there a probability my daughter and sons could get it 

and as my sister had it can they miss the cancer even though the tests so far are clear



Sounds like they are being really thorough Moobs59 - if they are unsure via mammo and ultrsound then a biopsy such as you have had will tell them for sure whether you have cancer or not as they will analyse the cells. It is not a surprise that you are worried in view of other members of your family having been diagnosed, especially as one is a man, and it might be worth making sure they know about all the family history just so it is noted. Nothing will stop you being concerned untill you get your results, but you will already know that bc in a man is rare, but that if you do have it, it is very treatable these days. Try to just carry on as normal and the days will soon pass. Good luck.Let us know what the outcome is.

Hi Moobs59

It sounds like you have a lot of questions and I wonder if you would find it helpful to call our Helpline, 0808 800 6000, and talk to one of our specialist nurses?  Alternatively you may prefer to post in the Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum where they will be able to provide a more clinically informed response and information.

Best wishes
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