I'm a newbie....

Hi all, My name is Lisa, user name is Hartley 

So… 3 weeks ago I found a lump, got in GP same day, and had my hospital appointment last Friday - 23rd Sept.

Had mammogram, tomogram, ultrasound, biopsy taken and then another mammogram.

Lump is 45mm x 41mm in left beast, armpit was clear on ultrasound. Got to go back for results on Monday 3rd Oct. I was told the image is highly suspicious, and most likely cancerous.

My mum had breast cancer back in 1989 when she was 47 and she had lumpectomy and was blessed with her 5 year all clear. She passed in 2008 with lung fibrosis. 

I had my last routine mammogram last October which was clear.

I have been fine (for the most part) mentally so far this week, however now Monday is almost here, I am starting to feel a little anxious so thought if I reached out and made my first post, I might feel a bit better.

A couple of questions based on any of your past experiences if I may?

Do you think my lump is going to be too big for lumpectomy with a decent margin?

Do you know what treatment is quite typical or is there is no such thing

(I think I know the answer to that really!)

I know that I have to wait till Monday, so I kind of feel like there is no point asking, but I thought I would just check in anyway.

Thanks to you all, and I send my best wishes and positive thoughts to each and every one of you x

Hi there Lisa,

Welcome to BCN, and I’m sorry that you find yourself here with the emotional challenges of a (probable) diagnosis. I’m glad you’ve made a post, as realising you really aren’t alone, despite how it can feel right now, is definitely a good step.

You asked a few questions, which you are right, can’t be sensibly answered by us guys as there are so many factors that those skilled professionals take into account when creating your surgery/treatment plan. The clinicians will know the absolute best approach to your treatment :slightly_smiling_face: If you do get a diagnosis of BC from your biopsy, then there will be various tumour ‘markers’ and ‘stats’ which will identify the BC type and all this information, along with imaging, your age, your stage etcetc will be used to put a plan into place - so yes, you are right there isn’t really ‘quite typical’. There are ‘more common’ BC types, but less statistically common BC types also have their own treatment plans. In a way, its encouraging news to hear that ‘typical’ isn’t the way things are done, because unlike when your Mum was diagnosed in the late 80s we have modern individual treatment plans with an array of targeted therapies for different needs. In 30 years there have been incredible changes. I’m absolutely certain that your consultant will quickly and throughly answer any questions you have about their advised surgery type (surgery is sometimes not the first thing done, if the consultant wants to try to reduce the size of the tumour first)- its natural to be asking these questions and very painful to have to wait for the answers.

You will find so many people on here who have stood where you stand now, in this psychologically painful place. Some here are many years ahead of you, some in treatment right now - but all with a shared understanding of how it feels to face a diagnosis and go through treatment. If you find that you are diagnosed, then I know there will be lots of support for you on the forum and also on the helpline listed at the top of the page. You will also be assigned a Breast Cancer Nurse to help support you, and there are various services on BCN where you can get extra help with navigating the process.

I’m sorry, I can’t be more help to you with your questions, but truly wish you loads of strength leading up to Monday x