I'm a newbie :)

Hi Kate
Was diagnosed with BC in May …I have 4 more rounds of Radiotherapy to go :slight_smile: WHOOOO I started Tamoxifen just 2 weeks ago and Im so scared of putting weight on…now when I say this im not 7 stone and neurotic…lol I have always been overweight and tried everything to lose it like most woman.I am about 4 stone overweight.Im a very organised person and have a busy lifestyle and look forward to nice food and a glass of wine.I get very down at the thought of me putting more weight on :frowning: Im going to try really hard not to…Have all the women on here put weight on who takes Tamoxifen…I think I may be being a bit hard on myself cause it might not be that bad…would be nice to have a response.
take care
Kate x

Hi Kate,
Not everyone puts on weight so you maybe one of the lucky ones!!! Have also seen posts on here where woman have lost weight taking tamoxifen, so don’t be hard on yourself, you are still having treatment and have come through a lot so don’t worry for now cause it may not even happen!!! Hugs to you xx

Hi Katytc
thanks for that I do feel a bit better about it now…what will be will be.There’s so much info to take in isn’t there and it all kinda gets on top of you/Im just going with the flo…lol
Thanks again
Kate x

Kate, you are right there is sooooooo much to learn about bc, I was totally clueless, this site helped me greatly, so many kind and helpful people, keep posting and take care xx