I'm also worried sick :(

Hi to all you ladies,
I’ve been reading lots of discussions on this website for a few weeks now, but only just managed to find the courage to join. I suppose I should tell you my story… I am 37 yrs old, 2 weeks ago I found a lump on my breast, when to my gp who then referred me to my local breast care unit. Whilst I was there I had an ultrasound, mammo and 3 biopsies taken, the consultant said that the lump looked very suspicious and he was sorry that in his opinion it looked like a tumour. He talked about having a lumpectomy and discussed radiotherapy , he then arranged for me to come back in a weeks time for biopsy results.
i came back from that appointment yesterday, he said now he thought it was a Fibroadenoma, as that what the biopsy results came back as, although he did say that Fibroadenomas are usually round in shape, and tend to move around the breast. My lump isn’t moveable and long rather than Round and has jagged edges, so because of this he still wants it removing to be sent off to pathology, he said he’s not worried and also for me not to worry and it will be fine!!
im sorry to babble on, but I honestly don’t know what to think now, I’m going to see the surgeon next week to discuss this. I would very much appreciate any help or advise on this, as I’m going out of my mind with worry

Hi Joleen and welcome to the BCC forums

You will soon have lots of support from your fellow users and please also feel free to call our helpline to talk your concerns over, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

These links will take you to the ‘Worried about breast cancer’ section of the website where you find further support ideas and also information about fibroadenomas:



Take care


It’s so easy for doctors to say don’t worry, and he probably means it with the best intentions in the world - but it’s not him wandering around with a questionable fibroadenoma in his boobs!
On a positive note, it sounds like you have a good doctor who is prepared to be very thorough in your diagnosis. There is a lot to be said for that, and it’s far better than having one who is over confident in a benign diagnosis and who will let you go with the risk that all is not what it seems. I doubt that will be too much comfort while you go through this process, but even at surgical biopsy a lot of things still come back benign.
There isn’t much that makes this waiting period easier, but this place and the people here do help - it’s good to be able to voice your worries and concerns and know that no one is going to wheel out platitudes while you wait to see what you are dealing with. Keep in touch and let us know how things go? Take care.