im back

hi all

went in to have wle and 5 nodes removed 2pm friday and came home yesterday (sun) morning
im ok i think
the drain was above 50mls on sat am so it and i had to stay in till sunday
i had the drip for 24hs too,couldnt get used to wheeling that around and holding drain in the other hand lol
going to the loo was fun

the drain was quite painful
whenever i said to them about hot stabbing pain whenever i moved,breathed etc
they said it was the drain
and it went instantly it was removed
was just given paracetamol and tried codine but it sent me wierd so didnt have that again

so next for me is nurse on friday to take stitch out not expecting any results intil the 5th oct
dreading the thought of going back in again if needed


Welcome back!

So glad it went ok !!!
Have sent you a PM

Take it easy, hope you’ve got lots of support
Anna xx

Take it easy where possible and make sure you dont do too much like i did! My scar is not what it should have been if i had listened to to dr and rested up more! Not easy with babies i know.

Take care