Im back

Hi Girls

I know I may be speaking out of turn, no offence intended, but you lovely ladies really must put your feet down and only concern yourselves with what is important to you and your immediate family. If your mum’s aren’t there for you without you having to ask them to do things and help out, relieve yourselves of the stress of dealing with them, it really is not doing you any good, you don’t need this extra grief. Just be totally selfish and think what is important to you and if everybody else can’t fit in with your plan of things then thats their problem, easier said than done I know. You deserve so much better so only concern yourselves with the people that are truly there for you, you will know who they are.

Lots of sympathetic hugs coming your way

Hi claire!

Thanks! I was boiling after what she said I don’t know why I let her get to me! Well done for still having points left today …not easy being so restrained with dieting is it! I think the hospital has forgot to count to be honest as they havn’t been in touch with a date yet and the 3 weeks is up day after tomorrow!! thursday! is it the 30th you go??

did the hospitasl talk to you about pain? or how it would look when healed? did they say if you get 24hr room service as if it prides it self as a good hotel then thats essential LOL my friend had a op like were having and she said she couldn’t even sit up or stand up without agoy for a while! don’t know if that will affect us or not?

not being able to do housework or drive for at least a week will be a real test for me!!! I’m banning my mum from visiting that I do know!

I should think I have put 10lb n tday as had pizza for lunch wth the kids and big plate pie and crusty bread loads veg and then choc cake for pud…am I stuffed?? NO …think period from hell is on its way as this happens for 2 days before and got stomach cramps shooting down my legs I’m starviing!!!

just been watching cook your self thin what a load of rubbish honestly as if!!!

how’s hubby tonight claire? mine is still on being mr fantastic after upsetting me last week but admitted tonight he is worried sick about the wait…finally get some insight into how he feels!

Hope everyone eles here is ok

lots love louby jane xxx

thanks jannie you are so right god bless you hugs xx

Colin is in good spirits tonight concidering, he keeps ribbing thomas about girlfriends as 2 girls keep calling to the door and he is off out the door like a rat up a drain pipe. He is asking for a new pet and we keep saying no to them all… snake, spider etc etc etc. We have a cat sam who thinks he is a dog.

Never watched that tonight as iv been cleaning windows. Well after todays good day on a diet, colin has just went and go salt & peper chips from the chippy…oh i am naughty !!
Yes i go in next thursday 30th. She said that they will give me pain killers while i am out cold so i shouldnt feel anything when i wake but if i do tell someone straight away and will send me home with some. Never said what it would look like as surgeon told me what the area would look like after it anyway when i last saw her.
Awwww sweet bad period pains, i really do feel for you… get the chocolate out lol

claire xx

I cleaned my whole house today and windows…smells lovelly and looks nice annoying thing is I will be back doing it all again in the morning!! my kids hamster died first week in the holidays and it was day i was recalled back to clinic after my results came in I had no interest in arguing when hubby offered them a rat each we ended up with a very big cage and 3 rats one for hubby too…I was very scared of them but it is me who feeds and cleans them and I am warming to them slowly! salt and pepper chips? are they nice?

what really gets me with PCOS is these period pains from hell sometimes result in no period!!! had loads choccy tonight hubby came home armed with them!! bless him

Oh they are really nice but hot. sorry now iv eat them as i now have sore tum. Did say to them today about PCOS and they looked at me as if i was daft to even think it had something to do with it… but then again i was daft enough to ask twice lol.
Oh no dont do rats, mice, spiders, snakes… im a cat and dog person and nothing else. god could u imagin my blood presure if he bought one of them tomorrow. I just hope it goes down for next week, feel like going and buying a machine but i would have it on 24/7 so dont think i will bother lol.
Good old Adam, always like a man armed with chocolate

Thank you Jannie, would love to tell her what i really think but i hate hurting peoples feeling even tho they are hurting mine.


hi lj and claire

lj your mum has made me cross as if anyone gets cancer because they deserve it is astounding

shut it mother and leave lj alone, support is what she needs not ignorance and stupidity

your one wonderful gal and i am in a h bra so big boobies here too

claire i,m so glad your pre op went well

my dd is in hosp as emergency gallblader she has surgery tomorow am she is my baby at 25yrs so i have just got bk from giving her hugs tears and cuddles

we are in lincoln not brill but ok

she had no hot drink since moving wards this afternoon, well i soon sorted that out then came her drugs she is on aniety drugs and hadnt had any so again i got to talk to the doc we left after she had pain relief her aniety drug and she is having a sleeping tab tonite too

i can get bolchy lol

good luck claire hope all goes well

love you

thought you might want to read the brief article on the following link…and we wonder why there is so much waiting!!!

Di x

well sheep that just sums me up!!! well done :slight_smile: flippin dr’s

Morning LJ how are you this morning,

I am well for the mo but mother is on her way up so not so sure how i will be later lol.
Thomas still in bed, kids scrapping and im on my 5th coffee to calm the nerves before they start to twitch lol.
My dad is working with colin today and tomorrow so he will be on this job longer than he needs to be as he will have to go back and correct what my dad has done… bless him tho cos hes been asking to give colin a hand for weeks so he can feel useful as dads really dont know what to say when times are bad.

Oh i didnt tell you that you have to come off all herbal stuff (sleeping stuff etc) before op as they are unsure what is in them and might not mix well with the stuff they give you. Lucky for me i slept well last night without them… on the other hand been taking water balance tabs so by next week i will be twice the size lol.

claire xx

good morning everyone!!!

hope cee’s daughter is ok!!!

how is everyone today???

I’m off to the hospital for my youngest today Trouble is he has so very many specialists as he has lots of problems …too many to list …that I can’t remember why were going …will let you know how it goes!

Cee my grandparents live in lincoln …saxilby thats where my dad came from.

Claire must admit I am more a cat dog fan …but with as many as I have you would hope so! The rats have took some getting used to the hardest bit is the tails!!! I also have a pair of chinchillas They were a rescue job I did and have fell in love with them …they are so fluffy and cuddly …one bit me last night …my own fault!! Adam made me a homemade banana milkshake/smootie so I thought I’d let them have a bit off my finger and one got a bit excited and bit me…bit sore but lesson learnt!!

Those chips sounded fab …hope the tummy ache didn’t last! As for the blood preassure …you need some chamomile Essential oil put some on your collar smells a bit …or have it on a hanky and keep sniffing it …have a bath with it and rub it into your pulse points if that suits …it should help…I am a qualified aromatherapist! But the last thing you need to do is focus on or worry about your blood preassure as that will only make it worse…also how much water are you drinking as that does help lower it if you are drinking enough and if you don’t then it can artificially raise it…including Tea and Coffee you should be drinking 2 litres of fluid a day but if all you drink is tea and coffee then a few glasses of water will really help! sorry don’t mean to preach but I hope it helps

By the way has anyone mentioned MRSA to you? do they test you incase you carry it?? my mother in law did and thats why the cancelled the op I remembered last night…she then had to be cleaned using some special stuff and re tested 2 weeks later.

Right well I have eaten my brekkie kids are running round like animals and so better get dressed and face the day!

Love to all Hope your day is good for you all

LJ xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi claire …how funny we both were typing those at the same time!!!

I am ok today how’s you? Nice colin has your dad to help …hope he doesn’t make too much work for him LOL

The herbal stuff is a real bummer but glad you said!!! as for the water tabs thats a pain for you!!!

My kids are constantly scrapping …what do you do?? except pull your hair out?