Im back

Hello Girlies,

Well just back from my pre op. Got seen by 2 different nurses then a surgeon.
The first nurse took my weight, height, bloods and blood presure… was 130/100… and i felt really calm as well, was joking and laughing with her so she was a little worried with it.
Next came the Cancer Nurse. She was very nice and very helpful. We went through all my details ie tablets, past ops and family history. The we had a good chat about the op and why i was having it. She read through my notes from the surgeon i last saw and explained that i was having a microdochectomy on my right hand side boob. She said the sugeon had wrote that there was discharge from both breasts but the left was normal but she was very concerned about the right one. It had a huge stamp across my file saying…‘URGENT CASE - NEEDS TO BE FULLY COMPLETELD WITH 62 DAYS’ and signed by surgeon.
She said i will either be let back out after op at tea time or they will keep me in. I would only get out if someone could be with me for the full 24 hours after discharge and i wasnt to do a thing for 48 hours. Then i have to get out of bed and only walk around for a week (no housework, driving etc). There is no way iv to go back to work for at least 2 weeks which im upset about. I will be seen again with surgeon 2 weeks after op for full results. She said i will have a thick foam pad around my nipple and has to stay there till im seen again by surgeon.

There is more she said but cant think at the mo… poor hubby sat there like a rabbit caught in head lights.

The Doc only went through everything again and i had to sign all the forms for the op and he listened to my heart and felt my tum.

Came out knowing all this IS real and IS happening to me.

How are you all today ??

love claire xx

LJ sweetheart did you phone the hospital back??


Hi claire!!

How are you feeling?? are you ok??

I rang the hospital and still answerphones left a very snotty message …got to take my youngest to another hospital tomorrow so wont be around but my consultant is in clinic on thursday so I am going to ring again…I am getting so angry at all this waiting…it was 17th april when my gp first referred me…over 4 months ago now!!! What if it is cancer thats a long time to be leaving it!! My mother in law last year was diagnosed with it as operable and she got sick so they put the op off and then when they went to do it it was too late within 5 months of the first diagnosis she was dead! I

I rang my gp again today and was told he has extended his annual leave till 3rd sept…not long I know but another 2 weeks before I can see him and meanwhile it is the stupid dr who refused to give me a referal to bupa ARGHHHHH I am so cross!!!

Do you feel any better for your pre op? do you understand more? or has it made it more stressfull?

How’s everyone eles out there today?

lots love LJ


i know how frustrating it is when u cant get these professionals to take u seriously (or urgently!). I saw my GP back on 21st June with nipple discharge from only one duct (bloody) and a palpable lump on the outer side of the same breast along with pain within the breast. He referred me to breast clinic. After several phone calls to chase up an appointment I was told that the referral had not been urgent! I contacted the GP again who told me not to worry…the fact I have pain indicates nothing too serious. Why dont they listen to me when I tell them that my mothers only symptom of breast cancer was pain! Her tumour was at the back of her breast so no lump was felt. After advice from the lovely ladies on here I saw a different GP who listened to what I had to say and suggested an urgent referral (no examination I might add). That was over 2 weeks ago now. My appointment is not until 7th September. When I contacted the hospital to make a pest of myself they said the referral was urgent but as it did not have a ‘fast track’ letter with it then my GP did not suspect anything sinister and therefore the 2 week rule didnt apply! I got so angry the poor receptionist at my Doctors must have thought me and my Mum had come straight from the psychiatric unit at the local hospital. Needless to say they faxed a fast track letter that day (last Wednesday)…guess what??? Still no appointment before September!

I have now got to the stage when I think b**ger them! If the professionals are unconcerned why I am I having sleepless nights and snapping at anyone within a 10 ft radius of me!

I do hope you get sorted out soon, me …well I will continue my frantic panic filled life for another couple of weeks before I get this seen to.

love Di x

(its so good to get it off your chest (so to speak) in here once in a while)

Hi di!!

I am sorry you have the same worries …I am sick of it…who’s body is it any way!!! yes it does help to have a rant and the support we get here is fab!! Rant to me any time …will keep you updated …I’ve not given up yet

Hi girls

I am not sure if I can ask or say this here but whereabouts in the country do you all live. Its dreadful that you have to wait so long for an appointment that could possibly minimise any treatments and save you all a lot of anguish. I am sure if this were happening to the doctors themselves it would be a completely different story. My thoughts are with you all.

Love Jan

hi jan I am being treated (Well not at the minute if you get my sarcasm!) at leicester general

Hi LJ and Claire

Been out all day visiting my sister, so just catching up.

Louby sorry that you are still having to wait and your doc has extended his hols, can you not get to see another gp at your docs or another local one. It is such a pain that can’t go private without a referral too - we had that, when thought I just needed a mascectomy and were trying to get it done quicker. It is really not fair that you have to wait, 2 weeks might not seem long to other people, but when waiting around for something as important as this to be checked out, it is a long time and the stress and emotion you are going through must be immense. My heart goes out to you, as I hated waiting for my results and my treatment to start.

Claire, hope your pre-op was OK - doesn’t sound too bad from your post, not sure when your actual op is, but I hope that it all goes OK and that when you get the results from that, that they are good. Hope your hubby is OK - it is so scary for them too even though not going through it personally, think they are so worried about us, and they don’t know what to do, and not sure if your hubby the same, but mine is bottling everything up big time.

Hi Di too, sorry you are having to wait around as well, don’t think these people actually think of what we are going through, and how the waiting around is just crucifying. I feel for all of you. I had a 10 day wait from first diagnosis and then 3 weeks til chemo started.

I hope you all manage to keep strong during your waits and that all the results are good and you can say goodbye to us on this site and get back to living your lives. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for all of you.

Take Care

Hi everyone,

Yes im feeling fine thank you. Not weepy at all just gone a little numb cos they seem to think that there is something lurking around in there and it wasnt till today that i saw how concerned they are. But what will be will be and i will deal with it when it happens. BC nurse did say that if they find something then i will be dealt with straight away and given my options 2 weeks after op.

On a little note Something funny for you…
Was having a good look at my notes while the surgeon was looking back through them and the other surgeon had wrote ’ With first examining claire i noticed she has very large breasts’… oh i am ashamed lol… told colin if all is ok im going to ask for a reduction since they are SO LARGE lol.( Was waiting for him so turn round and say ’ come on girl get those huge nellies out to i have a look lol’ )

What a s0dding NHS you have round your way LJ, i thought mine was bad up here!!!

claire xx

what a strange comment - I thought they came in many shapes and sizes


I know and at a size E i am more than positive there is alot bigger lol. She didnt have to write it as you can see im large on top without getting them out. Oh well we dont really know what they write on your file, i was just lucky i could do my noisy.
claire xx

Hahaha Claire !!! Glad your Nellies are so Large and the consultant saw fit to record the fact!!! LOL Most women would be proud!!! I have decided if I get the all clear I’m having mine enlarged to Jordon size!!! clearly the procedure we are going to endure is a nasty pain so that will be my treat …so when I’m a granny at 97 all the old men in my nursing home will go …corrr look at that fine woman with such huge pert breasts!!! and with any luck I won’t be catching them round my ankles to hoist them into my bra Lol

mine are hh claire!!

No lovey they wont be round your ankles they will be slung over your shoulders with those big bu**ers !!!

colin said no to reduction but would agree to a little lift so he dont have to sit down to see my nips lol.

claire xx
Oh LJ we are back on form today lol

Claire, what about you, where in the country are you being treated. I am in Romford, Essex. From first referral mid May, I had all the tests and biopsies and finally surgery by end of July. I went to the GP as I can only describe it as a kind of solid oval shape blister on one of the milk ducts. Funny thing was the cancer was nowhere near this blister. I really feel for what all you brave ladies are going through and send you lots of big ^hugs^.


Hello Jannie,
Im from Lancashire, attending Wigan hospital. Iv not waited as long as most on here but the surgeon did say at the time when i saw her and she told me that it could be c in the milk ducts that she would get me in fast as pos. Iv waited about 5 weeks and the bc nurse did tell me that is a quick appointment for my op as surgeons sec told her some women are waiting 4 months. I cant believe they are leaving people this long !!! Did they see yours on a mamo?

claire xx

Hi Jannie

Just saw your post, I live in Chafford Hundred, so not far from you, having chemo at Southend.

You lot are making me jealous with your big boobies … mine are not much bigger than plums and have joked about having a boob job, then when thought needed mascectomy was going to ask for D or DD … but alas don’t think that will happen now.


Hi all

I live in West Yorkshire, waiting to be seen at Dewsbury Hospital.

Think its a post code lottery as to who gets seen when and how quick!!!

Di x

Good evening my dear ladies:)

I am glad to see every one so perky!!! haha

I have had a terrible day and that fantastic mother of mine has tipped me over the edge… long story as always but the up shot is…get this… do you think god is trying to make you make you see that your lifestyle is wrong and to survive this you have to make some changes …do you not think your cancer is your fault!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

what is wrong with my life?? i am married with kids worked hard till I had them gave up work to bring them up invested my money wisely so she can now live in my investment house on low rent as she struggles with money and depression …I have my brother in law live with us as he is a emotional wreck support everyone around Always entertain everyone and have everyone round at xmas etc as no one eles does so does my hubby I have a child with dyslexia and a child with aspergers yet I never dump them on any one I look after them and take them everywhere with us I have a few very good friends that I have had for years whom I try to support I am a local school parent group leader and do loads of fundraising …I live legally and cleanly I cook every night I have 4 dogs and 5 cats plus kids have a few rodents I am an accredited dalmation breeder and all of my animals are loved and adored I help any one before my self …What is she trying to say… by the way I’m not after a medal or praise…rant over

I am in a bad mood now silly woman humph ahh well back to being strong!!!

Dawn big boobs are great but I am fed up of paying £40 + for bras that look like bandages! My nipples are a bit low claire too LOL

Going to ring the hospital again tomorrow still no date but my gp receptionist has confirmed my surgeon has written to gp 2 weeks ago saying he was doing it urgently in next 3 weeks …so that ends this week …at least I have something to thrw at the hospital with that!!

Hubby is cooking tonight as I had piano lesson at 5 and he came home early …shepherds pie …yummy comfort food :slight_smile:

Love and hugs to all xxx

OMG LOUBY !!! WHat a thing to say to you, i really cant believe it. Dont you dare start thinking she is right or im off down to leicester to kick your ar@e, do you hear me load and clear !!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL and here for everyone and not asking for anything back…YOUR A STAR !!!

When the BC nurse told me that i couldnt do anything apart from go to the loo for the first 24hrs colin said about the little ones jumping all over me. So when i came home i told my mother and said could she have them for the day out the way and her answer to me was… well you better see if you can stay in hospital out the way !!!.. hello its not a hotel!!!

Shes not a happy bunny tonight cos everyone has been phoning me today asking how it went and noone has phoned her to see how she is feeling and needs any help. (REALLY in a mood)

what happened to the 3 weeks then… have they forgot or just cant count??

I had a low fat tea tonight so being a good girl for once and even got points left for today.

claire xx