I'm confused

I’m confused

I’m confused Hi

I’m a little confused…
My Mum was diagnosed with un-invasive DCIS a few weeks ago and yesterday she had a mastectomy, however they also removed her lymph nodes. If the cancer was not invasive why was this necessary? Is it just a precaution?

Please can someone explain. I’m worried we might be going through the waiting game again to see if her cancer is actually invasive.



— Hi Anna

Can you ask someone the reason? I was told by my surgeon that he would not be removing any lymph nodes becauseit was non invasive. But different hospitals may have different protocols - and it may not mean they have found any evidence of invasion.

Only the surgeons will know why they did this- can you ask them? Phone the clinic? The breast care nurse should be able to find out for you.


—dcis —Hi Anna I had wide spread dcis and was told before my mastectomy that there was no need to remove any lymph nodes. When the surgeon came to see me after the op he said they had removed 4 nodes. The results came back clear and they said it was just a precaution but I must admit I was confused at the time.
wish your mum all the best

dcis Thanks girls. I have asked Mum and she said they haven’t mentioned why they did it but she thinks it was just precautionary but I guess we will find out when she sees the consultant next week.

Anna x

DCIS I was diagnosed with DCIS in Feb 2005. It was a large area and I had a mastectomy. The surgeon removed lymph nodes for testing, they were clear. It is just done as a precaution but seems to be standard practice where we are. All the best to you and your Mum.


further treatment Hi Anne

Just wondered, did you need any further treatment after your mastectomy? Mum is a bit worried that she will.


Treatment following surgery for DCIS Hi all
I thought it may help to clarify some of the queries you have raised regarding treatments after surgery for DCIS. It is decided on a very invidual basis as to what treatment each person may need, if any, following surgery when the results are ready. It may be necessary for drug therapy and/or radiotherapy, to be offered. You may find it helpful to read the information on DCIS which you can access via the front page of the web site under the Breast Care tab. Hope this helps!
Kind regards
BCC Host

No more treatment Hi! No I didn’t need any firther treatment but as BCC host says everyone is different. If there is one thing I’m now more aware of is the diversity of breast cancer - your diagnosis may sound similar to someone else’s but different treatments are required. I can remember going through the stage your Mum is going through and it is really hard - she is certainly not alone in that. It is not easy for you either, my daughter found it hard too. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going. I’m happy to answer anything I can but I’m no expert.


good and not so good news Hi Anne

Mum got her results today. Apparently all 14 of her lymph nodes were clear and she won’t need any further treatment at this stage which is really good news, however, they did find small amounts on invasive cancer as well in her breast. Apparently these were so small that it is not enough to be concerned about and it was all removed with the mastectomy. I think Mum is however going to get a 2nd opinion because she is not convinced that she shouldn’t be having any kind of treatment after finding invasive cancer and that her other breast and lymph nodes have not been tested. I suppose if they thought there was a risk they would treat her though.

Even though we have received the news that her lymph nodes were clear and that everything nasty was removed, I still don’t feel reassured that she is in the clear. I can’t relax yet. I don’t know when I will be able to.

Thanks for you support anyway and its good to hear from someone who has been through the same thing. My emotions are all over the place and it has totally changed my relationship with my Mum. I love her more than ever now and its strange having to look after her when its always been the other way round.

I suppose its time for me to take this post to another room now! Its not really about DCIS anymore! :0)

SunnyBear x

Sunnybear I’m pleased to hear that your Mum’s lymph nodes were all clear. I think your Mum should do whatever it takes for her to feel happy with what they are telling her. If she doesn’t feel content then it will play on her mind. I’m sure the medics can do something to ease her concerns.

I’ll look forward to seeing your posts in other rooms.