I'm fat

As well as the hot sweats I have put on about 10 pounds since starting herceptin it’s either that or all the pies love Eileen

Join the club.

I lost weight before my op, 35lbs, and managed to keep it off all through chemo. Since that finished and I could eat again and enjoy food i’ve eaten. Healthily I thought, but things don,t fit anymore and I got weighed last week. I’ve put most of it back on. Son gets married in October so it’s back on the diet.

I’ve only 2 lots of herceptin to go, so finger crossed

Marilyn x

Hi Marilyn, do you think it’s the hercepin? I have about 6 to go having one today actually. If I thought it was I wouldn’t bother as would wait until it’s over. I have very bad arthiritis and wonder if it’s worse because I am fat. I am 11 stone but 2 stone over weight as I am only small in height. thanks for reply love Eileen

Hi Eileen

Don’t know if it’s herceptin or not.

I know I had a bad reaction to femara last April when I took it for 2 weeks. I thought that would be out of my system by now, but I still have problems if I sit for too long and struggle to get up if sit on the floor, or kneel down. I also feel kn******ed, went for a MUGA scan last week and wonder what my heart function is down to , it was 57% last time.

I’m supposedly ‘in training’ as I’m doing the Race for Life in June (only walking) but it still seems like hard work.

I’m going on a healthy living day on Monday and hope that someone will be able to give me a few tips to help sort out some of the problems I still have.

I thought I would feel a lot better by now - op Aug 06 - but I still feel tired most of the time.

Love Marilyn x


Since starting all my treatment I have put on a stone. I am on herceptin and I put on about 5lbs about 2 days after, the nurse said it is probably the fluid. I am also doing the race for life and started running (only about 4 mins round the block) and my body has gone in shock of somehing coz now I can’t even tidy the house without feeling weak and tired. Might have something to do with the face that I haven’t run or really done any exercise for about 10 years.

I finish my herceptin on 27th Mach and some of the the nurses said I will probably lose a bit of weight when s out of my system, I’ll let you know.

My weight has been on a gentle uphill climb - let me put it this way!! When I go for my herceptin I am weighed every time (amount of herceptin is based on weight) and it increases marginally each time. I have put it down to my age and decreasing activity (because of bone mets). Now you have all really given me an even better excuse LOL. Have been on herceptin for 4 years now and I don’t really think the weight gain has anything to do with it.


My chemo (taxtotere) I managed to put on 16lbs in about 3 months, I put it down to not being able to move around so much, exercise went out the window, even 10 months on can still only manage swimming, not put on any more since starting Herceptin in July 07, but have started a local slimming club with friends, it is coming off but very slowly, will be walking the “race for life” this year not really up to running it.


Hi Lovely

Where are you doing the Race for Life? I’m doing it at burnley on 8th June

Marilyn x

Hi all

I put 1 and half stone on with chemo which I haven’t lost yet as when I went for radiotherapy they said not to lose any weight have been marked up because the marks could move. Due to start herceptin in a couple of weeks and really worried about putting even more weight on. Help !!

Liz xx

I had FEC alone first and did not put on any weight, but then I had Taxotere and Herceptin together and put on around 21lbs. Finished Tax at Christmas, carrying on with Herceptin, but I have lost 14lbs since then - must admit it has been a struggle. I also understood that the Zoladez would also mean I have put on wieght and I have another 12 months of that to go.

Finished rads last week and can’t wait to get swimming as still have bad feet from TAX.

I also know that my joints are painful and whilst they are improving, they are still painful and others who I have herceptin with also have joint pain!

I am not going to worry about a few pounds, but it is a bit depressing!

Yep ! it’s depressing. I only bought pair of jeans and black pants in a bigger size as hoping to get back into my clothes. I am going to start walking which I hope will help because I haven’t been very active cos of pain from reconstruction etc.

Glad you said about the painful joints as mine as so very painful, especially when trying to get to sleep at night. God - first thing in a morning I can hardly get down the stairs - feel like 90 ! Was hoping joints would get better. Do you know of anything anybody is taking to try and help? I wondered about Chondroitin but not sure what we can take.

I am having a lazy morning after first herceptin yesterday but I suppose I should get dressed !

Liz xx

Hi Lizzie
I put a stone and a half on during chemo. Just had heceptin 4 and I have painful joints just as you describe, especially knees and hips and stiffness in my back. Getting out of the car is a poser as well takes me five or six steps to get fully upright…oh what fun!! I don’t think the extra weight is helping me either. I will also be doing the “race for life” hoping to beat my personal best of 24 hours!

I lost 12 lbs after FEC and rads, then I put it all back on with Taxotere/Herceptin. I was careful with my diet as I was hardly out of bed, but then I ended up in hospital with no immunity and a chemo burn. The oncs had to put me o a massive dose of steroids for my hand and they were the type that made you ravenous as opposed to wound up - needless to say I put over a stone back on!

I have been very careful a lot of the time since, but I find even if I am very strict for a few weeks I can’t lose weight and have heard that this is the Herceptin. I finish in 2 weeks and want to try really hard then as I want to see my friends in Spain later in the year and don’t want them to get a shock!

Sorry not looked on site for a few days, been really busy, I am doing the “race for life” in Exeter on 20th July, did it last year only just finished chemo so was hard work, hoping this year will be better, I’m still finding it hard work in the mornings getting out of bed, it does get easier throughout the day, I swam alot before being diagnosed, so tried to continue this, swimming is the only exercise that I found easy, still can’t walk to long a distance, it is really hard work trying to loose the weight but don’t beat yourselves up about it, I’d rather be overweight & healthy, although I have joined a slimming club to loose the excess, coming off very slowly, putting this down to Herceptin & Arimidex.
Good luck ladies