im in a panic help!!!

hi, very new to this. i may b worrin for nothin but went doc last week as i felt something was not right and had pain under my left boob and it felt inflated. was sent to the hosp next day. had two mamograms and ultra sound. the ultra sound was fine but they were a little concerned at the mamogram. iv had a core biopsy this weds and dont go back for the results till next fri 12th. i know i should have asked more questions but now i am thinkin all sorts. i was thinkin this was all in my head and the biopsy has left me sore and im wondering may all this be hormonal?? im 36 and have a coil so no periods xxx

hello, no message left. can you tell us about yourself?

im 36, have 3 girls. i work part time. Yeah i know bad news love to smoke and have a few drinks lol. x

Hi kazmay!

The waiting is ALWAYS the worst thing. Once you know the results you will either be in the clear, or you will be told what will happen next and when you will start on your course of treatment. IF you do need treatment, just take it one step at a time and try not to frighten yourself by looking too far ahead. The biopsy area may well be sore - that doesn’t mean it’s bad news. Try to keep very busy for the next week until you know.
Best wishes.

thank u so much. thought i was being a baby. i normally cope v well in situations but cause this is out of my control and like u sed the waitin is the worse. i know there is a lot more women going through more at the moment and i wish every single person well, even those like me playin the bloody waitin game. i must admit the hosp and nurses r great and im so thankfull they saw me so quickly. lots of love everyone xxxxxx