I'm new here by northy

I’m new here by northy

I’m new here by northy I have reposted this on behalf of new user northy in this room.

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hi everyone, i am 29 years old and i am scared, for the last 1.5 years my nipple has been leaking yellow and blood stained discharge, i recently went to my docters where they found a lump and noticed that my nipple was a lot lower and inverted, she has refered me to the breast clinic where i have to have a biopsy, i have 5 children and i feel scared and very alone. i no i not alone but i reallydon’t nohow i feel so i am hoping i can join you and feel better andnot alone.

Hugs Northy.

I can remember the fear when I first found my lump, the world seemed to change a different colour…It was just before Christmas, as I put the decorations up I kept wondering if I would be here to take them down, my mind just got carried away with fear…Mine turned out to be BC but once I got the diagnoses things seemed to get so much more easier…everyone at the breast centre was so supportive, I felt so protected and cared for there…I had the op on January 3rd and had radiotherapy, and am now on Tomoxifen tablets for 5 years…I had withdrawal symptoms when I finished going to the breast Centre as I so missed the attention I was getting. I am still being checked every six months.

It’s now nearly 6 months since I found the lump and I honestly don’t wake up everyday with a black cloud over my head anymore in fact I hardly think about it.

Hopefully your results will be fine, but honestly once you know either way you will feel much more relaxed about it all.

Please keep us posted on how you get on.

You are amongst friends here.

Hugs Val.

Hi northy,

Bless your heart! I’m so sorry you’re feeling scared. That’s a very natural reaction when you find a lump. All the tests you go through can be frightening, but just tell yourself that the breast cancer team are being thorough and you’re in good hands. It does get easier, although I hope things turn out well for you.

You are certainly not alone here. You are amongst friends who know what you’re going through. Please keep us up to date with how the biopsy goes.

lots of love,
Jacki xx

p.s. – Call the helpline if you need to talk to someone - the ladies on the other end of the phone are wonderful!