I'm not coping

Hi there, I finished my treatment (chemo and radio) back in March/April this year. Since then I’ve been pretending that I’m coping but I’m not. I’ve only just let myself think about and realise that I’ve actually had cancer. It all still seems a bit surreal, as if it’s not me but somebody else. Every time I start to think about it I get anxious and start panicking. My family have treated it as if I’ve had  bout of flu and that I should be back to normal now. I live on my own and night time is the worst.

Anyone got any suggestions on coping better?

Hello Sudzi,


Sorry to hear about your emotional state. I sympathise and feel for you… anxiety and panic are horrible!

Are you on any hormone tablets?


A lot of people do assume that once surgery and treatments are completed, we are back to normal, not really understanding the physical and psychological effects of our bc journey.

Each person copes in different ways…doing exercise, yoga, acupuncture, gardening, walking, talking, therapy, etc, etc…or have a talk with your gp or oncologist for a solution. Guess we have to do a combination of things …

There’s another thread you could join under Need a Hug or a Kick up the back… there are ladies there struggling and exchanging ideas on how to cope.

Sending you gentle hugs. 

Belle xxx

Hi Sudzi
I feel exactly the same hun
My relationship broke down last week too, as he said he could not cope with me post BC.
It all seems like one nightmare that I never wake up from.
I sort of “ecpect” to get secondaries in the future and can’t cut off from the worry most days.
Am due to start a new job next week and have no idea how I will cope.
Sending hugs
Rachael x