Im scared

I was offered my first ever breast screen, on hrt, few days ago. got letter this morn, need to go for secondary tests with doctor/ultrasound etc. Thing is I cant feel a lump? just my chest feels tingly? is this bad? if there is no lump does it mean its much larger cancer? feel real worried and confused

Hi JJ,
I don’t post much on here any more, as I’ve finished my treatment, and am technically ‘moving on’. But when I saw your post my heart went out to you as I remember the fear I had a little over a year ago.

The first thing to say is, well done for going for your breast screen, that is so important. I am still not old enough to be screened, and it’s really important that people do go if they are offered it.

The next thing to say is that just because they have found something they want to look at does not mean you have breast cancer. Something like 90% of lumps that get investigated turn out to be benign.

You say you can’t feel anything - lots of people don’t, espeically if they are ‘well endowed’ and/or if whatever it is very small and well buried in your breast tissue. I don’t think the lack of a discernible lump means a larger cancer (assuming it even is cancer), just that you can’t feel it.

Until you’ve been to the breast clinic and had your reuslts you will worry, that’s totally normal, and our bodies are very good at suddenly hurting once we think there’s something wrong with them, even though they were fine before. Plus, if you are like most of us, you will have been poking and prodding your poor boobs and chest and might have bruised them. I expect it is anxiety making your chest tingle.

As I said, I don’t post on here much anymore, but there’re lots of lovely people who will be here to help you through this - to explain what happens at the clinic, and to support you if you need to become part of what we call ‘the club no-one wants to join’. No-one will be happier than us if you don’t need to join.

For now, can I pass on two bits of advice we regularly dish out?

1 - there is no such thing as a silly question, ask whatever you need to to ask

2 - try not to google. A lot of stuff out there is misleading, out of date or just plain dangerous. Stick to good sites such as bcc, MacMillan and cancer research UK.

Take a look at the main website of bcc - they have lots of good downloadable leaflets that will help you - but only look at the ones you need, it’s all too easy to scare yourself witless.

Also the helpline (number at the top of the screen) is I am told brilliant (never used it myself)

So, after this essay… try to have as good a weekend as you can, find some nice things to do. You will get through this, whatever it turns out to be.


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Hello JJ,

Yep i bet you are worried, like all of us who find ourselves on here,
I also had tingling in breast and pain but still trying to be positive.

Perhaps your monthly is due, that was when i had most tingling in breast many years ago. you are in the right place for info grasp it with both hands the support i have been given by many ladies has kept me together.
There are many different things that can worry us about our breast
it dose not mean it is all bad results.

I am starting my journey with a light at end of tunnel albeit hard at times to be positive results take a long time. this is what is known as the waiting room,

Keep in touch Pat xx

Just to let you know, i am in the same position. i’ve had a letter today to say I need to go back for more tests. I am 46, was one of those on extended screening programmes apparently, and now I need more checks. I’ve had a really good old look, and can’t find anything wrong, but I’m feeling a little bit scared tonight.

I imagine these are routine, and most people are given the all clear, but it is good to be prepared for the worst, so you have all the information to hand. I’ve only just joined this forum tonight, but I imagine there’s lots of advice and help to read through.
Maybe you’ve been now for your second lots of tests, and hopefully all your worry is behind you now.

Good luck x