I'm scared.

I am 41 years old and despite the adverts on the TV about being breast aware - I’m not. I don’t check them and now am afraid to because over the past month or so it seems that my right breast has shrunk slightly, at times aches and most of the time is quite tender. I know I should go and get it checked out but to be honest I’m too scared to. I’m reluctant to mention anything to my partner ( been with him for 2 years now), as one, I don’t want him worrying and two, his ex wife died about 6 weeks ago from breast cancer. Please help, feeling quite alone at the moment :frowning:

Hi Maz. I think that you should go to see your GP, not because I think there’s anything wrong, but because that in the vast majority of cases, changes in your breast turn out to be totally harmless. The fact that your partners ex-wife passed away so recently will be playing on your mind and adding to your worry, so please, to give yourself peace of mind, go and see your GP to see what he/she says. I had breast cancer in November 2013 and after treatment, noticed changes to my breast, the symptoms of which I googled. Got myself in a bit of a state and put off going to see my GP. All that worry only to be told that everything I was experiencing was perfectly normal, so I know how much anxiety this must be causing you. Sending big hugs Ann x x

Good for you Maz. Let us know how you get on. Hope I’m one of the first to be able to congratulate you on not becoming one of our members x x