I'm scared!

I am 40 years old and a mother of two. I noticed a lump back in November but assumed it was to do with my ‘period’ but in December went to see my GP. He inserted a needle into the lump but he didn’t get any fluid out. He then suggested that I wait another month, if he’s not worried then neither am I! I returned to the GP again in January and he examined me lying down and he said that he thought the lump was smaller and that he could send me for tests but if it was nothing then I would be taking up someone elses appointment! Therefore I felt yet again, if he’s not worried then neither am I! In January after another period, the lump was still there so I went back to the GP. This time it was a locum GP who examined the lump and told me he was sending me for tests! On 14th Feb I went to the hospital and saw the Doctor who inserted a needle into the lump to remove some cells for testing. He said I would have an answer by the end of the day! After a mamogram, ultra sound and a biopsy, I returned to the Doctor to be told it was breast cancer and that I would need a lumpectamy, all my lumph nodes under the arm removed, followed by chemo then radiotherapy! He then asked if I had any questions? You could have picked me up off the floor! Breast cancer was not on my mind, things like that didn’t happen to people like me! Anyway I have just returned home from hospital after having the lumpectamy and removal of my lymph nodes. I am feeling fine although I still have a drain attached and my armpit and under arm is still numb. I have to return to the hospital nextweek for the results of my lymph nodes. I am very scared that the cancer has spread through my lymph system?

I am sure there is plenty of others who have been in this situation, but can anyone give me any positive feed back?



Hi Tracey

Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will soon receive loads of supportive replies to your post, from people who know what you are going through. During this difficult time you might also find it helpful to talk to someone who has an understanding of your worries and concerns. The breast cancer care helpline can offer you a listening ear and everyone working on here has either experience of breast cancer, or is a breast care nurse. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturday, 9am - 2pm.

Please give them a ring if you think it will help.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

HI Tracey

Sorry you have had to join our club.

I know the waiting for your results is very hard and you are worried, We all know what you are going through and how hard it is, but just take one day at a time (little steps to big hurdles as my bcn told me)

I have had a mast recon and 15 lymph nodes removed 8 weeks ago came home with a drain and had it removed 4 days later when I went for my results., My results came back as Grade 3, 26mm lump 2 lymp nodes infected, her2+ and something else which I cant remember, on a postive note I thought I had won the lottery with just 2 nodes infected and went out to celebrate with a couple of drinks. I try not to think about all the ifs and buts as they may not happen and life is too precious I learnt this when I was diagnosed.

I am now on my next stage of treatment which is chemo and waiting to loose my hair as my son wants me to wear the wig and head gear.

We are here if you need to sound off, feel down, we all know what you are going through.

Big cyber hug and take care


Dear Tracey - What a terrible shock you have been through, especially having been to the GP a few times before you got diagnosed. I am so sorry for all you are going through, but very glad that you have found this web site because you will get masses of support here from people who understand just how you are feeling, and who are at all stages of treatment. You have been through the first part - the surgery - and I do hope that you will soon be feeling better from that, hope you are getting lots of love and care. You say that you have already been told that you will be having chemotherapy and radiotherapy and you will find lots of support and encouragement and advice on the threads once you get to that stage. Keep in mind that the purpose of the chemotherapy is to get rid of any undetectable cancer cells that might have spread to other parts of the body - a good insurance policy. Do write down any questions that you have so that you can get clear answers when you see your doctor for your results. The best positive feedback I can give you is that you will be in the company of thousands of women who have all been through the uncertainty and fear of being told they have breast cancer, and have thought “how on earth can I get through this”. But the extraordinary thing is that you will, one step at a time and one day at a time you will deal with each stage as it comes along. Despite the ups and downs, what we all seem to end up saying is it’s not pleasant, but it is doable. You will find lots of support here, please do let us know how you get on. Big hugs. Sarah xxx (had WLE, half-way through chemo, Radiotherapy to come).

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I was lovely to hear from other women who have experienced the same feelings that I am going through! I promise I will keep in touch. Thanks


Hi Tracey, sorry your having such an anxious time. The waiting is hard but you will get through it.
My lump was discovered after I’d had my first 50+ mammogram. I received a recall letter and an appointment for a biopsy. I was dx in Sept last year and had a WLE and SNB. I returned the week later for the results and was told they had removed a 19mm lump with good clear margins and no spread to the lymph nodes. I had 18 rad sessions but no chemo. I have to take Tamoxifen for 5yrs and so far I’ve had no obvious side effects.
I get the occasional stabbing pain in the breast, my onc told me that during the op they cut through some of the nerves and it was the nerve ends trying to re attach themselves that cause the pains, she said this can go on for some months but when know what it is it’s not a problem.
Today I’m doing everything as before my dx.
I hope this has been a positive response for you and wish you all the best.
Sharon good luck with your chemo.
Sarah all the best for the remainder of your chemo and for your rads.
Caz xx

Hi Tracey,
My story is very similar to yours. I have had a lot of lumps over the years and just got them drained and there hasn’t been a problem. In Nov struggled to get appt to see the Dr as I had found two new lumps. Admin looked at my notes and said no need to make an urgent appointment. The Dr took fluid from the one lump but couldn’t get anything from the 2nd so said come back in a couple of weeks when it would be bigger and he could get some fluid. When I came back he still couldn’t get any fuild so said I should go to the hospital as a precaution. By this time it was mid Dec so managed to get an appointment on 8th Jan. Once I got to hospsital things moved very quickly. I’ve had two ops - all my lymph nodes have now been removed and like you I have an appointment next week to see if they’ve got everything. Will then need chemo etc.

Like you it was a huge step change from it being nothing to it being serious but its amazing how you do adjust. Like Sharon says there are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes but it has made me prioritise a lot more and reminded me the importance of family and friends which I think is a really positive outcome. The other good thing to hold on to is that you did find the lump and now you are getting treatment however daunting that can sometimes feel like.

I have no doubt that I’ll have lots of lows along the way but this site is a great source of support. I’ll be thinking of you next week when I’m getting my results.

Take care

I went to a Young Womens Group today. There was 12 of us all with BC but at different stages in our treatment. It was a very interesting and informative experience and I would recommend it if you have one in your area.

Still got the drain in and waiting for my outpatients appt on Tuesday!


Tracy, take all the support you can it really does help, i have found this site invaluable, everyone knows what its like to go through the feelings you are experiencing and you don’t feel so alone. I was told i had LCIS and was at high risk of BC Feb last year but was told they would just monitor me, I felt a thickening and returned to the clinic, had scan and was told to feel reassured nothing could be seen but consultant did a core biopsy just to be sure. Unfortunately it came back I had BC and was offered a mastectomy, because of risk in both breasts opted for bilateral which i had in Oct (still did not show up on mammogram day before op). I had 2 tumours in left breast but none in the right, I had full node clearance and everything was clear. Now had 3 of 6 chemo to be followed by 4 weeks radiotherapy and 5 years tamoxifen. As everyone says just take one step at a time and remember you will get through this.
Wishing you well, Take care Sandra x x

Hi Tracy

Just seen your thread while scouting through. Just in reply to you request for people with positive feedback. Hope you feel my story is one of those when I read other ladies going through so much more than me I certainly do.
Found a lump in my left breast went to GP who referred me for mammogram. 17th Dec mammogram, ultrasound etc. lump was a cyst they drained there and then but they found a lump in the right breast I didnt even know was there as it was under the nipple and lumpy there anyway. Core biopsy, Results 24th Dec Grade 2 1.8cm WLE/SNB 9th Jan. Margins came back clear they managed to save my nipple and lymph nodes clear too. Treatment programme started end of Jan. Tamoxifen 5 years, Zoladex injections 2 years and 19 sessions of radiotherapy. I am er+ 100% and pr+ 80% HER2 - and pre menopausal (39)
I am currently half way through my rads and planning on being back in work by mid April. I feel incredibly lucky and even though the pesky cyst that started me on this trip is re filling I cant help not feeling annoyed at it as the other lump wouldnt have been detected as soon as it was without it.

Like all the ladies before me said its one day at a time and it is the waiting that feels the worst. Really sorry you have had to join us but Wishing you lots of luck and love hun. Shonagh xx

Dear Tracey

Wishing you the best for the appointment on Tuesday.

I can really relate to your sense of shock when hearing your diagnosis. I was completely stunned - nobody in my family had had any kind of cancer, nor had close friends, it just didn’t figure on my radar at all, so for a while it felt like a weird dream. I read about a woman who leant across the table and pulled the file towards her, as she was so sure the consultant must have got the wrong notes!

However bit by bit you absorb the news and adjust, it really helps when you know exactly what the treatment is and can start to make plans.

All of this happened 4 years ago and I am currently well.

Keep us posted on how you get on, there are many here who will give advice and support.


Can anyone help me? I received my results yesterday and I’m a little baffled by all the information they gave me. Apparently the lump they removed is a 28mm Ductal Carcinoma. Grade 3 (scores T3 P3 M3), ER negative. Out of the 14 nodes removed, 1 was positive. The results for HER2 have not come back yet. They also need to remove more tissue after my Chemo! They also told me that there is a chance this cancer can return!

Please can anyone tell me if I received any good news? I’m a bit baffled by it all!



Hi Tracey

sorry you have had to join the club no-one wants to belong.

Grade 3 is the most aggresive cancer, and it has spread to just one of the lymph nodes, obviously it would be preferable if it had not gone to any of the lymph nodes but I believe having just gone to one is the next best thing to none.

Did they say you had clear margines following the lumpectompy, if not this could be a reason for further surgery following chemo. Unfortuanately no-one can say the cancer will never return to any of us, however you will be checked regularly which is something.

I too have grade 3, and had 3 tumours removed, measuing 7 cm in total. I have just had my 3rd chemo and as everyone on here will tellyou it is do-able if not pleasant

You will get lots of support on this site, you may also find it helpful to conact the helpline as the nurses are very good.

Take care and let us know how you are doing


Thanks for your support Linda!

Love Tracey

Hi Tracey

Sorry you have had to join us but I have found this site really helpful when feeling low or anxious about anything. I had 3 cm lump with lumpectomy and one lymph node involved (apparently just one is quite good) surgery in Dec. I was dreading having to have chemo but I’m half way through now and its not too bad most days, as Linda says its do-able. How awful for you being messed around by GP like that. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well Tracey.

Love Judy

Thanks Judy

I’v just been informed that I can see the Oncologist next Monday, which means the treatment should start fairly soon! Not that I’m looking forward to it, but I feel that once the treatment has started, I’m on the road to recovery! (I hope)

Love Tracey

Hi Tracey,
I,m 39, diagnosed May07. I had 2cm invasive ductal carcinoma (grade 2) . 1 affected node out of 10, I had lumpectomy but then had 3 re-excisions as surgeon was not happy with margins. It was oestrogen pos.

My Macmillan nurse told me that with just 1 node involved that very unlikely to have spread anywhere else, she also told me that 80pc chance to never get a reacurrence. Chemo was not as bad as I expected, I was unwell for 12 hours after treatment but that was because my anti sickness tablets did not work. After that I just had abit of mild nausea and abit tired. I could still get on with everything ( 2 kids so just aswell ). Radiotherapy is easy its just travelling everyday that is a pain. Best wishes to you Tracey and keep positive love Andrea x

I have found out that I am HER2 negative. Is this a good thing? I have also been told that I do not have clear margins and that after my Chemo treatment, I will have to have more surgery then Radiotherapy! I am still convinced that the BC will come back, but they will not remove my breast!


Sorry to hear your news Wibbly. I’ve just had two lumpectomies and a full lymph node clearance. Cancer grade 3, 4 out of 13 lymph nodes affected. Like you, I am very young (41) and I also have kids doing important exams this spring. I am starting chemo on 3rd April. 8 doses over 24 weeks, then 5 weeks radiotherapy. That’s basically this year wasted! If you are a “big girl” like me, surgeons prefer to try for lumpectomy rather than mastectomy. I know if my surgeon hadn’t succeeded in removing full tumour this time I was going to have to have a mastectomy, and I do prefer the idea of keeping my uniquely dented boobs! Let’s just hang on in there. Good luck - and why isn’t there a chat room for insomniacs? And is every woman an insomniac after diagnosis? Sue

hi tracey

hope r managing to get yr head around things a bit better now. i dont think there is either a good or bad about being her2- or her2+.yr onc will give u a treatment plan that is unique to u. i have come across many people on this sight who seem to have the same diagnosis as me but r on a different treatment plan and at first this made me worry that i wasnt getting the treatment i was supposed to be getting but once i spoke to doc and bcn i was reassured that the treatment i was getting was what was right for me. hope everything goes well for u .

take care and god bless