I'm so scared, please help...



I’m Katie, I’m 18 years old. About a month ago, I noticed a “sort of” lump in my breast. But I could see it, spiking up like a pimple. I ignored it. I had uni work to do. Now, I know this was wrong. But I forgot about it. What’s done is done. Just recently, I saw it again. No visible change in size, but this time I properly examined it. I felt so sick. So scared. You can see this lump, just at the end of my boob, still on the boob but just before the armpit. It LOOKS like a pimple. When you feel it, it is oval. Like a bean, I guess? Not very big. Quite thick and round. At first I thought it was hard and painless, but after playing around with it, it sort of feels firm… but still soft in some places? It feels a bit sensitive to rub my finger over the pimple-like bit on the surface of my skin and occasionally when I press it is sore, other times doesn’t hurt at all. I mean you can literally SEE this lump, but feel more of it under my skin. It’s just sort of floating there, moves with my skin, quite a lot of movement, actually. But I have had really random bits of pain around the area, spanning from there to my armpit and anywhere in between. Not unbearable pain, but shoots of it every 4 hours or so, for a few seconds. I am still so scared that it is breast cancer. I am going to the doctor on Monday, but it is a weekend and I have work to go to so there’s nothing I can do until then. I am scared and I am making myself feel sick with all the self diagnosing. How much does this sound like a cancerous lump? I really don’t want to die. I have cried so much over the past few days. I feel like I don’t even want to find out what it is. I’m terrified.

Hi Katielou,

Well done you for making the doctors appointment, as thats a hard thing. I know waiting is really hard, try not to read up on any more. I do hope work can distract you a bit I know when I was waiting for appointments it helped to keep busy. Remember whatever happens there a lots of amazing ladies to support you on this forum.

Take care



Katie the vast majority of women with breast lumps do not have cancer,if you are diagnosed you will find that the statistics are alot better than “a year” ,the vast majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive it particularly if it is diagnosed early .Get yourself to the doctors and get it properly checked out.Let us know how you get on.Jill.

Well, appointment over. The doctor was lovely and very reassuring the whole time. I started to cry because I’m a wimp and he asked if I wanted him to reschedule my appointment with a female doctor! But I just wanted to get it over with. Anyway, his literal reaction was “oh”. He said he wasn’t expecting what he saw, and is ALMOST certain it’s nothing sinister. He thinks it is a cyst and if that is the case there’ll be no further appointments, unless it becomes painful in which case it can be removed. He said it is procedure to send breast lumps to get checked by a specialist so in the next two weeks I’ll be informed of my appointment and they can confirm his diagnosis or tell me if there is something to worry about. For now, I feel a lot more calm than I did this morning! Thank you both for talking to me about this. X

That’s great news Katie,make sure you go to appointment just to make absolutely sure though .Jill.

Got my hospital appointment, to be honest, I’m getting more and more nervous.
Over night I seem to have developed a really sore armpit and the area above my breast and shoulder is sore. I can’t tell if it’s the way I’ve slept but it’s quite worrying that it’s all sore and quite painful on the side of the lump. It just seems to be getting worse pain-wise.

If it’s any help,breast cancer is not usually painful, but cysts can be.These appointments are very anxiety provoking I know but at least it will put your mind properly at rest won’t it.Try to keep busy and not dwell on every ache and pain.When is it?

It’s on Monday 1st Feb… Guess I should just stop worrying until I know what it actually is!

Your doctor wasn’t worried so good chance it’s nothing to worry about,hopefully they will put your mind at rest on Monday.

They said it is a sebaceous cyst and it is nothing to worry about, however, I can’t help but feel that it is worse than the doctor said. I keep getting unbearable pain in my armpit and he completely brushed it off, saying if it was infected it would be red and inflamed.

If they did tests and say it’s a cyst it’s almost certainly a cyst ,they are pretty skilled at looking at suspicious lumps.Go and see another doctor in the practice if he are not happy with how your GP is behaving,ask to see a female GP if yours isn’t ,may be a bit more understanding .