Immediate Recon & Rads


I hope I can get some advice on this please? I am still only on Chemo No 2 of 6 but already starting to think about my mastectomy after. I have been looking at the different options and it seems the DIEP offers really good results (even if it is a longer op) and if I were suitable I think I would seriously consider this option.

The main concern I have at the moment though is the fact that I would be due to have 3 weeks of rads after my op and I wondered how this would impact on any surgery I had done beforehand.

Psychologically I think I would fair better were able to have an immediate recon but if the rads would compromise the results that is a bit of a dilema I guess. Can anyone tell me about there experiences please. Can an immediate DIEP recon with follow up Rads be done?

I would really appreciate your help with this one.

Many thanks


hi tam,
i will be interested to see any answers here also as i am considering the diep and on chemo number 6 of 9 on tuesday.
you may want to take a look at this website its a great source of info also.



Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sending me that link, really helpful. What are your thoughts on it so far? Have you had a consultation with a plastic surgeon yet?

I’d be really interested to hear how you get on with things.

Good luck with the rest of your chemo too.




I had a mastectomy & lymph node clearance last week & opted not to go for the immediate reconstruction after speaking with my consultant.

I’m 35 & have grade 3 so will have both chemo & rads. My consultant was great & really up front about the rads damaging the reconstruction. He said that there is the possibility that I could be back to square one after rads, as the tissue in the new breast could be damaged with the treatment. I’m so glad that I made the decision that I did as I’ve since met 2 woman who had immediate recon against the advice of their consultant. Both woman have had surgeries since to attempt to repair the damage caused by the radiotherapy.

It’s obviously a very personal decision to make, but I know that I made the right one for me. At the moment I’m quite comfortable as I am, but I know the option of reconstruction is there in the future…along with the free tummy tuck…should I decide to go for it!

Good luck with whatever option to you take xx